Special Investigation Team to take more people into custody in Gauri Lankesh murder

The SIT produced a 650 pages long charge sheet in the famous Gauri Lankesh murder case. The special investigation team was responsible for investigating the journalist murder case. The charge sheet will be submitted against the only culprit of the murder case, KT Naveen Kumar.

In the charge sheet, Naveen has accused Praveen to be his accomplice in the case. Naveen was earlier apprehended from the area of Shivamogga for conspiring the Murder of Kannada journalist KS Bhagwan. Naveen Akka Suchith Kumar has been accused of helping Praveen for undertaking the murder of Gauri Lankesh.

Charges that have been pressed against Naveen include charges of murder, criminal conspiracy, destroying the proof from the crime scene. Praveen was arrested for playing the lead role in the murder. SIT is planning on pressing charges against Praveen once he will be taken under the custody of SIT. Other people who had a role in KS Bhagwan murder conspiracy are also under the scanner of SIT. People who are expected to be taken into arrest are Amol Kale, Manohar Edave and Amit Degewekar.

The charge sheet that the SIT has submitted has noy named anyone from the right wing in it. Earlier when the murder took place it was being speculated that it was the right-wing outfit’s that committed this harrowing crime. The SIT will be investigating to see if Praveen and his aids had any role in the murders of all other journalists in the city that has happened before.

The deputy commissioner of special investigation team told media that they will be asking the court to grant them the custody of Praveen so that they could investigate further.

In the charge sheet filed the SIT has presented one hundred thirty witnesses as well as few electronic pieces of evidence in form of Kumar’s call recording in which Kumar can be heard talking about the murder and his involvement in it. In the probe, it was found that the planning to murder Gauri Lankesh began in 2017 itself. Various people were engaged in different phases of the conspiracy. Kumar’s responsibility was to arrange the shooter and he was being instructed by Praveen.

The investigation by SIT has revealed that the Praveen and Naveen both used to attain a lot of spiritual seminars and they came in contact through one of these seminars only. SIT is yet to find the weapon that was used for the assassination of Journalist Gauri Lankesh.

SIT is planning on establishing a direct link between the Gauri Lankesh murder case and the conspiracy that was done for the murder of writer Bhagwan.

To prevent Naveen from getting a bail Special Investigation Team filed charge sheet well within the ninety days of taking Naveen into custody. Naveen was arrested on 2 March this year