Son Of Witness In Asaram Case Allegedly Abducted, Managed To Escape The Kidnappers

SHAHJAHANPUR:  16-year-old Dheeraj Vishkarma was kidnapped while he was standing before his house. He is the son of the witness in the murder case of Kripal Singh. Kripal Singh was the key witness of a rape case, whose main culprit was self-styled Godman Asaram Bapu. Dheeraj Vishkarma was allegedly kidnapped on Monday in Shahjahanpur, as reported by the police.

Dheeraj Vishwakarma is the son of Ramshankar Vishwakarma, the witness in the murder of Kripal Singh, who was killed on 10Th July 2015. A case was filed against the abduction of the 16-year-old.

Dheeraj was abducted while he stood in front of his house, and was taken to Meerut by his captors. However, the boy is said to have escaped the abductors and have returned home safe.

His father, Ramashankar Vishkarma, the witness of Kripal Singh’s murder case, appeared before a court in Shahjahanpur on 7th June to give a statement, but apparently, the statement was not recorded. Ramashankar is now summoned once again to the court on 28th June.

Being the witness of a case related to the self-proclaimed Godman Asaram Bap, Ramashankar feared that the abduction of his son Dheeraj was to pressurize him to not appear before the court to depose Asaram’s aides.

The rape victim’s father and brother are also witnesses in the Kripal murder case, along with Ramashankar.

Dheeraj, after returning home, told the media that he was abducted from the front of his house. Two car-borne men came and kidnapped him after he was made unconscious. He found himself in Meerut once he gained back his senses.

Dheeraj found an opportunity to flee when his abductors left him alone in the car and stepped down to buy some things. He fled to the Meerut Railway Station and reported the incident to a GRP personnel who put him in a train which was on the way to Shahjahanpur, and returned home safe.

Once the kidnapping complaint was lodged, the police went to Vishwakarma’s house to inquire about the incident and found Dheeraj at home, said City SP Dinesh Tripathi.

SP Dinesh Tripathi also said that the matter is still being investigated.

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, on 24th April, was sentenced to life-long imprisonment by a special POCSO court, after the allegations of raping a teenage girl five years ago were proved right. He abused the girl in his ashram Manai village at Jodhpur. The girl who was raped, was from Uttar Pradesh living in the ashram as a student. The self-styled Godman has been embroiled of rape cases in Gujarat as well. Asaram has been in the jail since 31st August, 2013.