Solaire Resort & Casino ─ A Luxurious Oasis in Manila

Nestled within the bustling entertainment complex of Entertainment City in Manila, Solaire Resort & Casino stands as a beacon of luxury, sophistication, and excitement.

As one of the premier integrated resorts in the Philippines, Solaire offers an array of experiences that cater to discerning travelers seeking unparalleled entertainment, gourmet dining, and world-class hospitality.

Let’s delve into what tourists usually do at Solaire and what to expect for an indulgent vacation at this luxurious destination.

1. Gaming and Entertainment

At the heart of Solaire lies its state-of-the-art casino, where guests can indulge in an exhilarating gaming experience amidst opulent surroundings and cutting-edge amenities. The expansive gaming floor offers a wide range of table games, slot machines, and electronic gaming options, providing endless opportunities for excitement and thrills.

Whether testing your luck at blackjack, poker, roulette, or baccarat, Solaire’s casino floor promises an unforgettable gaming adventure that no online slots ph can ever top.

In addition to gaming, Solaire boasts a vibrant entertainment scene, featuring world-class performances, concerts, and shows that rival those of Las Vegas. Guests can immerse themselves in dazzling productions, live music performances, and theatrical extravaganzas at Solaire’s state-of-the-art theater, ensuring an unforgettable entertainment experience during their stay.


2. Culinary Excellence

Solaire is a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of dining options that showcase culinary excellence from around the world. The resort’s signature restaurants, helmed by acclaimed chefs, tantalize the taste buds with a fusion of flavors, from traditional Filipino cuisine to international delicacies.

Guests can embark on a gastronomic journey at Solaire’s acclaimed dining destinations, including fine-dining establishments, casual eateries, and chic bars and lounges.

Whether savoring succulent steaks at The Tasting Room, indulging in authentic Japanese cuisine at Yakumi, or enjoying panoramic views at the Sky Tower’s rooftop bar, guests are sure to delight in the culinary delights that Solaire has to offer.

3. Relaxation and Wellness

Amidst the excitement of gaming and entertainment, Solaire provides a tranquil oasis where guests can unwind, rejuvenate, and pamper themselves. The resort’s luxurious spa offers a range of indulgent treatments, massages, and wellness therapies that soothe the senses and promote relaxation.

Guests can also take advantage of the resort’s fitness center, swimming pools, and outdoor recreational facilities to stay active and invigorated during their stay.


4. Luxurious Accommodations

Solaire offers a selection of luxurious accommodations that exude elegance, comfort, and sophistication. The resort’s spacious rooms and suites boast contemporary design, lavish amenities, and breathtaking views of Manila Bay or the city skyline.

Whether staying in a deluxe room, a luxurious suite, or a private villa, guests are treated to personalized service, upscale amenities, and a restful retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Shopping and Entertainment

In addition to gaming, dining, and relaxation, Solaire offers a wealth of shopping and entertainment options to suit every taste and preference. Guests can explore the resort’s upscale retail promenade, featuring a curated selection of luxury boutiques, designer stores, and specialty shops.

From fashion and accessories to jewelry and gifts, Solaire’s shopping destinations cater to discerning shoppers seeking the latest trends and exclusive finds.

Furthermore, Solaire hosts a variety of entertainment events, including live music performances, comedy shows, and cultural festivals, providing guests with endless opportunities for fun and entertainment throughout their stay.



Solaire Resort & Casino offers a luxurious and indulgent vacation experience that caters to every whim and desire. From gaming and entertainment to gourmet dining, relaxation, and shopping, Solaire provides guests with an unforgettable retreat in the heart of Manila’s vibrant Entertainment City.

Whether seeking excitement, relaxation, or indulgence, guests are sure to find everything they desire at Solaire.