5 Common Habits, That Can Be The Major Reason For You Being Sick All The Time

A lot of new health problems are popping up these days, and the reason is unknown for the spread of these diseases. Well, there can be a very normal reason for anyone to fall sick and feel drained out. You cannot entirely blame someone else or the diseases prevailing in the environment. Sometimes you and your habits can also be the reason for you to fall sick. You may be having the perfect diet and religiously attending the gym every day, but are you still feeling low, some of the very common everyday routines that you might not even notice, may the reason for it.

Are you doing any of these things listed below? If yes then it is time for you to change your habits, if you wish for a healthy life.

1. Using your phone in the bathroom: this is one habit that nobody can deny having it, of course excluding the parents who keep complaining about children being addicted to phones and probably the older ones too. But it seems like the younger generation just cannot breathe without their phone. For a minute they might survive without oxygen but not without a phone. And as a result, the cell accompanies them everywhere, even to the rest rooms. It may be the best place for many to catch up with people on phone and play games but at the same time using a phone on the loo is also very unhygienic and unhealthy. The toilet seats, flush and wash basins have dangerous bacteria all over them. And by using a phone in the bathroom, you are giving them an invitation to enter into your body. Touching your phone while washing hand or sitting on the pot makes it easier for these germs to enter into your body and might lead to UTIs (urinary tract infection) and intestinal illnesses. So next time think twice before using a phone in the bathroom if you do not want to fall sick.

2. Not declutching your handbag: handbags are like a part of the body for females. They keep it close to them all the time without any fail. But have you ever given a thought that keeping a handbag can be a cause of your illness? Surprised….? Well, this is a fact that not declutching your handbag can get you sick. A women’s handbag has everything you can think of. You just name it and they will have it, from cosmetics to pepper spray, everything. While the pepper spray may save them but, this habit of carrying handbags and not declutching can be risky for them from the perspective of health. If the handbags are not decluttered for a long time, Microbes such as norovirus and MRSA may breed in them which are harmful to health. Carrying a handbag is not the problem, not cleaning it occasionally is. Make it a habit to clear the handbags in a few days and clean it with an antibacterial cloth. Also, try to carry fewer things.

3. Not changing the bedsheets regularly: after coming back from a hectic day, the only thing that you look for is your bed. You just want to drop yourself on it and doze off to sleep, without wanting to even give it a thought if the bedsheets are clean or not. You might give the excuse for not changing your bedsheets, that they are not dirty yet. But you are wrong, they may not look dirty, but they are. It is not just you, who love your bed, but the dust mites too. Rather it may not be wrong to say that the dust mites love your bed more than you do. The more you are away from your bed, the more they get closer to it, making it highly possible to be a bad sign for your health. Other than the mites, the bedsheets also convene your body sweat, bodily secretions, dust and much more. Sleeping on these unchanged bedsheets may lead you to have problems like skin allergies or asthma. To keep your self away from these diseases, it advisable to change your sheets at least twice a week and keep your bed covered when you are not using it. Also, wash your bedsheets with warm water.

4. Eating at your desk: in your childhood, you must have heard your mom advising to wash your hands before and after you eat. This was not just a parental advice, but also a very important one. It is very important to wash your hands before and after eating to prevent germs entering into your stomach while having food. Another important thing that you should follow is not eating at your desk. It is not only unprofessional but also unhygienic. If you have your food at your desk, you touch your food and then your keyboard and then eat again. All the germs from your keyboard get the permission to enter into your stomach if you are doing this. Also, leaving your workplace for having food, gives you a break for some time from your work and gets you back refreshed.

5. Not cleaning your kitchen sponge and TV remote: cleaning your tv remote regularly is one thing that you should add to your daily routine habits. Sounds strange? Well, it may, but taken into account the number of hands the remote passes through in a day it is highly possible that it accumulates a lot of bacterias and germs on it. Many of us also have the habit of eating while watching tv. You tend to use the same hand to change channels with which you are eating. This again gives a green signal to the bacterias to enter into your body. Apart from this another major thing that you might think is not dangerous for your health, but it actually is, is your kitchen sponge. You may argue that it is washed every time after being used. But just washing the sponge does not kill the harmful germs it carries. According to the study of a microbiologist, Markus Egert and his team at the University of Furtwangen in Germany, “kitchen sponges “contain the same density of bacteria you can find in human stool samples.” Even thinking about it can make you feel sick. Even more, the study also suggests that there is no other place on this planet like the kitchen sponge, that has such high bacterial density. So make sure you wash your sponge after using and it and then let it dry. Also, change them regularly, do not use it for more than a week.

Bring a change in your daily habits for the good and keep yourself healthy.