Shivaji Nagar area of Karnataka turned into garbage dumping portion

It has become quite troublesome and terrible for the people of Sultanji Gunta Road, Shivaji Nagar, and Karnataka to reside and continue their day to day activities in the sector. According to the recent sources, Sultanji Gunta road of Shivaji Nagar has turned into an unofficial garbage dump. Apart from the people residing in the area, business owners and the regular drivers are finding it challenging to drive on the road full of waste. Besides that, most of the people are also suffering from severe health disorders. However, this time the people and various business departments are blaming BBMP i.e., Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike for the discomfort they are facing.

As per the recent surveys, due to the insufficient space of garbage dumping in the city, the vehicles owned and operated by BBMP are compelled to throw off the garbage and compost in the part of a road of Shivaji Nagar. The waste thrown was not only collected from Shivaji Nagar but the same was assembled from diverse corners of the state. As a result, a street comprising of several commercial institutions and buildings are now just diminished to shambles.

The residents and business proprietors complaining about the present condition of the city

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) was commenced 6 years back. The responsibility of this department is to collect garbage from the entire regions of the city and throw it to the appropriate and reserved dumping area. BBMP have owned various trucks and other vehicles that go through each house of the street and assemble the garbage. Though this department has made the waste dumping of the waste quite easy, the people are recently facing several issues due to the improper functioning of the same.

According to the statement given by a business owner, this unorganized system of Garbage dumping has led to the generation of various health problems in the society. In order to get rid of the hard stains and unwanted waste, this business proprietor was compelled to utilize around 15 kg of bleaching powder the previous week. This proprietor is working for the past 20 years in this business and also operates a showroom.

A resident said that around 10-20 of the truck drivers recently fall on the road daily. This has become a severe risk to their as well as our lives.

BBMP warning board posted on the street

BBMP finally put up a warning signboard in the street stating that the people residing in the area are no more entitled to throw any kind of waste in the street. However, there is no availability of dumpsters in the street which made the people throw the garbage nowhere but in the main road. The two vehicles cannot cross this road at one time. Moreover, this issue has further led to the minor accidents.