Jab tak zinda hoon, bhai ke saath rahunga, says Salman khan’s bodyguard Shera

You won’t find any famous personality ever moving around alone whether it is Bollywood stars or tv actor/ actresses or politician, whoever so he/she may be. The more famous the star is the less the chance of being found single. You will always a bodyguard around them. The reason for always having a bodyguard is not always a threat but also protection especially for the stars.

When speaking about stardom and their bodyguard how can we miss Salman Khan, the Salman Bhai and his bodyguard Shera. Always around Salman Khan Shera has been Salman Khan’s right hand man from day1 of his stardom in Bollywood, say for more than 20 years. He is the only person who has every knowledge of Salman’s every little move.

Quoting Shera’s words, “Jab tak zinda hoon, bhai ke saath rahunga”, meaning I will stay with Bhai till my last breadth. Just like all his fans Shera also denotes Salman Khan as Bhai.  He even went further saying, “I always tell people that they will never see me standing behind or next to bhai. I will be standing in front of him, looking out for any threat.”

Shera the bodyguard of Salman Khan is a die-hard fan of him a=who is always standing with him and before him in any danger. Even Salman Khan respects Shera a lot and they both share a very good bond. Salman even went ahead to having dedicated his movie “Bodyguard” released in 2011 to Shera for which Shera is highly grateful to him even today.

With years passing by Shera is himself no less than a celebrity but to Shera more than popularity what matters is Bhai’s safety and he does his job very well. With ease he manages the large fan following of Salman Khan without objecting anyone. On being asked about how does he tackles the female fans of Salman, Shera said, “With love and respect. That is the only way to take of the ladies.”

Apart from being the bodyguard to Salman Khan, Shera also has is own security agency named “Tiger Security Services”. Tiger Security Services has been honoured with the award for best security agency in Asia recently in Malaysia. Besides Salman Khan, Shera’s agency has provided to other international high-profile personalities like- as Flash, Diana King, U2, Bryan Adams, Shaggy, Keanu Reeves, and Paris Hilton. Even in the recent Justin Biber concert held last year in May17, shera had only provided security to this Canadian pop star.

Shera has always given Salman Khan the credit for his success. Once recalling about how Salman had always supported him, he said, “Bhai has been family for so many years. He has seen me doing my business, and he is always there for me.”