Rite Aid Weekly Ads, Flyers and Deals

Often when we find ourselves planning our monthly expenses we tend to forget to take into account something very important, including medicines, even if you don’t have a prescription to fill out, it is always advisable to have well stock medicine cabinet just in case, after all, is better to be safe than sorry.

If we are not careful enough to include medicines and related items into our monthly budget just as a precaution, we may fell victim of high prices in case of a last-minute emergency.

The worst part is that we overlooked the fact that just like with groceries and other items, medicines also enjoy the benefits of having weekly ads flyers, coupons, discounts and special sales.

And no one does it better than the largest drugstore chain in all of the east coast and the third largest drugstore chain nationwide, after Walgreens and CVS.

Of course, we are talking about Rite Aid, and if you are big into shopping and saving money, make sure to look for the Rite Aid Flyers to make sure you’ll have all the coupons available from Rite Aid as well as other coupons from different manufacturer selling their products in Rite Aid stores.

The best thing about Rite Aid is that they offer several ways to help you save money, for example, Rite Aid Wellness+ and the Plenti Card and you can get special pricing and discounts for members only, increasing your Plenti points with weekly offers, you can also earn more Plenti Points on things that you could buy every day and then use those points for savings not only at Rite Aid but also any Plenti Partners. You can also find on the Weekly Ads Flyers eCoupons which you can redeem at any Rite Aid Store.

As you can see, having your Plenti Card opens up a world of massive savings for you and your family at Rite Aid Stores, so make sure to have it and you’ll enjoy the full potential of its Weekly Ads Flyers, you’ll get promos like “buy one get one” and a weekly 30% Off of everything bonanza.