Home Remedies For Psoriasis, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Treating Psoriasis can be a little tricky as it is an autoimmune disorder, it shows up with red and flaky patches spreading through all over our skin.

Psoriasis may affect your skin, badly, but this is a disease that has its origins in our immune system, more specifically in something called T Cells which is a kind of white cells, not something from the Resident Evil franchise. What these T Cells do is to help our bodies fight off infections and other diseases, but they aren’t perfect when they go active by mistake it sets a chain reaction within the immune system that leads to psoriasis symptoms.

There isn’t a cure for Psoriasis just yet, but their plenty of treatments and home remedies to help us ease the symptoms. So, here is a list of the best top 10 home remedies we can use to help fight off psoriasis.

Dietary Supplements

It has been scientifically proven that Dietary Supplements have help patients fight off psoriasis. Like Fish Oil, Oregon Grape, Vitamin D, Aloe Vera, and Milk Thistle. They all help to ease symptoms.

Dry Skin Prevention

You can use a humidifier to help you keep your surroundings moist, helping you avoid dry skin and prevent plaques from forming, thus helping you to ease the symptoms of Psoriasis.

Steer Clear of Fragrances

Nowadays practically every soap and perfume comes loaded with dyes and chemicals which can cause skin irritation. Sure, we’ll smell great, but we also risking inflaming our psoriasis. Use those for sensitive skin.

Healthy Diet

A proper diet plays an important role in our managing of psoriasis. No more red meats and fats, as they are known to trigger psoriasis, instead go for healthier choices. Olive oil is great when applied directly to your body.

Moist your Body

Sure, hot water isn’t good for your skin, but you may want to consider a lukewarm bath and add some olive oil, milk, mineral oil or Epsom salt to help with the soothing of symptoms.

Light Therapy

This is the process in which you expose your skin to ultraviolet light, if you choose this treatment, you’ll need to do it regularly, but, consider doing so under the supervision of an expert.

Live Stress-Free (or at least try)

Stress makes practically any condition worse and is particularly bad when said condition has stress listed as one of the causing factors, so, including stress relieve exercises like Yoga or Meditation can actually help you fight Psoriasis.

No Alcohol

Many studies have linked alcohol to trigger psoriasis, so, you may want to cut down on your alcohol intake or just remove it completely from your system.

Use Turmeric

This is a very versatile herb and one of its many uses is to help with Psoriasis, helping to minimize its symptoms, you can either take it as a pill, supplement or using it on your foods.

Avoid Smoking

Avoid smoking at any cost, if you are into it, quit it. Smoking can worsen the symptoms of psoriasis.