6 Ways to Properly Care for Your Leather Bag

Whether you are interested in a classic, modern, or any model of the handbag, one thing is for sure, everyone likes to have a quality bag. If you agree with that, then there is no need to make a compromise – everything is clear, you have to buy a leather bag. It is true that this type of bag on the market is among the more expensive ones, but the price-quality ratio is absolutely realistic.

Whatever shape you choose and no matter how long you wear it, it will retain its original condition and can last for years even after long use. However, in order to keep its natural shape for as long as possible, it must be properly cared for. This means that it needs to be maintained so that it does not crack, dry out, and be protected from too much moisture that can cause problems.

When you are already opting for that kind of purchase, and you only are going for quality, then make sure that your money does not run out. This will certainly not happen if you start proper care of the bag from the moment it is purchased.
Below you can read the tips we have prepared for you, and we will present you with a mini-guide that will introduce you to all the secrets of maintaining a leather bag that you must know.

1. Before use

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Most bags are different, so they require different maintenance or level of maintenance. Depending on the type, sometimes occasional maintenance is enough, which means rarely, while the other type needs daily care. In any case, each bag needs the following treatments, no matter how often individual models require it.

2. Protection

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Want to prevent your bags from getting dirty and wearing out? Before this damage occurs, protect the bag with the right products. Coat the leather with creams that will nourish them, and spray the overturned leather with a protective spray.
This refers to the general protection of leather bags, and this is achieved by regularly applying a cream that is greasy and so very effective when it comes to hydration. Simply look at your bag as a drier type of skin on your body and treat it that way.
In this case, even wax can be a good idea, as it contributes to better protection in the form of layers. It provides an additional part of the layer that protects the outer layer of the bag and thus reduces the possibility of creating scratches or any traces. Our advice is to pay attention to its composition when choosing a cream, it would be good if it is rich in wax and that it is generally of natural composition.

3. Waterproofing

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Some bags with a certain finish require special treatment before you expose them to the outside environment and its influences. The treatment refers to its protection from moisture or any type of liquid. You can achieve this with a spray that is very effective when it comes to this type of protection.

It is enough to apply it by spraying all the parts of the bag and thus covering every millimeter. However, you cannot do this at the moment before leaving the house or while you are outside. It takes a certain period of time in which the particles from the spray will be fixed to the leather and make a shield.  Check out cowboysbag.com to see what else the water-repellent spray can save the bag from, except water.

4. Daily use

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You need to adopt some daily habits related to taking care of your leather bag. If you follow the next few steps regularly, your bag will always look like it just came out of the store. So, the first important thing is to never forget to clean the dirt from your hands before touching the bag. We mean lotion, face powder, and all other creamier products.

Then, you must not expose it to prolonged standing in the sun. Just imagine your skin being exposed to it without any protection and it will be clear to you why we are telling you this. At best, your bag will completely fade, and you don’t want to do that to your newly bought bag.

It is advisable to change the side on which you hold the bag more often so that it will not make indentations and other types of marks in the same place. We also advise you to always have a wiping brush in your bag, so that you can clean it properly in an instant if necessary. The last thing you need to do is wipe your bag every day using a mild cleaner and a plain cloth.

5. Stain removal

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Unfortunately, sometimes it is inevitable that we get our bag dirty due to frequent carrying. This can happen in an instant and the longer you have the chances of it increasing. We are too exposed to external influences, so you should know a few ways in which you can quickly remove certain stains.

To make things more complicated, each stain is mostly of a different composition. So each removal requires a different approach, and we will list some of the common sources of stains. One of the most common is the grease that can come from hand cream, and professionals recommend corn starch as the best solution. However, most of us will not carry it with us, so a good alternative is a conditioner that you can apply as stain prevention.

Then, there is the ink. Never try to get rid of it yourself, you can only do even more damage. This must be dealt with by an expert, so it is wisest to hand the bag over to the tanner and he will do it. Of course, regular maintenance can help by making the ink harder to stick to the bag.

6. Storing

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If you did not plan to carry the bag immediately, it is best to keep it packed as long as possible as you received it. If you still carry it, but rarely, and you threw away the package in which it was bought, our advice is to keep it stored in a bag – so that dust does not collect on it. It is also advisable to fill it with some bags or crumpled papers because that way it will not lose its shape. Avoid newspapers, they can destroy the inner look of the bag.


We hope you understand how much care a leather bag actually needs in order to always be beautiful and look new. Think of it as taking care of your skin, because you can basically find a resemblance. So every skin requires exactly everything we have listed – hydration, removal of dirt and blemishes, gentle approach, etc. Your bag will be grateful to you for treating it that way, trust us.