Best Professional Coffee Machine – 2024

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and it is said that about 2.2 billion cups of this beverage are consumed worldwide, in just one day. When you crunch those numbers up you will realize that every year people order more than 700 billion cups of coffee, and this means that it is one of the most frequently ordered drinks in the world. If you have your own restaurant or coffee shop, then you know that you have to be on top of your game when you prepare this beverage if you want your customers to return. To be able to do that, you need one of the best professional machines.

There are more than one hundred different types of coffee, but people usually order about 10 of them, as stated by You cannot make every single one of those types using one device only, but you can definitely make your life easier when you invest in a professional coffee maker. Now let’s see some of the best devices you can find on the market in 2024.

Elektra Sixties Deliziosa


If you are looking for a device that will satisfy your customers’ needs, then this is the machine for you. It is something that’s worth having in every restaurant and kitchen because with it you can create wonders. This device has five auto-dispensing buttons that will help you make any type of beverage your friends or clients may want.

Even though it is a powerful device, it is still compact, so it won’t take too much space. It is an affordable device, and you can find it for about 3,500 dollars, and the night function it has will help you save some money on utility bills. You have full control of the brewing temperature, plus it features a high-precision gauge, so you will never again make a mess while making your favorite beverage.

The issue with this device is that it is a bit complicated to get used to, so you may need to hire someone who has more skills. You may also have a bit of an issue learning the full capability of it because the company that creates it doesn’t really disclose this info to its consumers.

Franke A1000 FM


It is said that there is no better device you can find on the market if you want to please your customers and everyone who tastes your coffee. This machine offers pretty much anything you can look for and more. It is definitely on the expensive side, costing almost 24,000 bucks, but everyone who owns it says that it is worth it.

It comes with a touchscreen and Bluetooth and with it, you can easily prepare more than 300 beverages per day. This device has been used everywhere, from companies to restaurants to even hospitals, because the taste that produces is cannot be compared to anything else.

When you invest in a device like this, you need to be prepared to combine the best coffee as well. Maintaining the quality of granular beans can be difficult if you don’t seal it correctly, and on this website, you can learn more about coffee powder packaging.

In this device you can store more than two gallons of fresh milk, so you don’t have to keep it separate, plus the device itself will clean all the bacteria from the milk before infusing it with the beans. With this unit, you will get a lot of additional features, including a training session on how to use it and what to do with it. You will get a one-year warranty, plus you will be able to reach the tech support 24/7.

La Pavoni PUB 1EM-R-1


Users suggest that this is one of the best machines you can find on the market. Even though it is compact, this is said to be the monster in the professional espresso coffee makers. It is a semi-automatic device, and you can make up to 200 beverages per day with it.

One of the best things about it is that it is portable, so you don’t have to be confined to one space only where you brew that amazing coffee. The portability makes it even better for cleaning and maintenance, so your place will always be spotless. It is made in Italy and the material used is stainless steel.

Even though it is one of the best devices, it still has some negative sides. The first thing is that it is not the easiest thing to work with, and you may need to hire a crew that has the needed skills to work with it. The second problem you may notice is that with it you will only be able to make espresso and cappuccino. This device retails for just above 3,000 dollars, and it is up to you to see if it is worth it.

Honorable mentions


There are a lot of different types of devices available on the market, and you can easily pick one at depending on the capacity you are looking for and your overall budget. If you are looking for something in the $5,000 ballpark, then Espresso Maker Business All-in-One would be another great choice. On the other hand, if your budget is around $2K, then you may be interested in the Nuova Simonelli Musica device. Last, but not least we have the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II that retails for about 10 thousand dollars, and it is a great device that offers pretty much anything you could want in a machine without costing too much.

With this list, you will be able to make a better decision on what you are looking for in a professional coffee maker. Remember that it is better to spend a bit more and have something durable and reliable than to cut costs and realize you will have to replace the device in less than a year.

When you combine a great machine, with even better beans or powder, you will get the recipe for success. Choose something that will produce the amazing taste and that will be able to produce as many cups as you would need per day. If you are new in the business, you can start with something smaller, and then work your way up this list.