Most Overrated Hangouts and Restaurants in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore is known for its active and busy corporate life. This is a city, where you can find a whole lot of vibrant men and women scurrying around with their daily busy schedule in the corporate world, but this beautiful city also has another side to it, where it is filled with fun and leisure.The night life of Bangalore is magnificent especially on weekends, making it a perfect spot for opening up new restaurants.There are a lot of interesting and overrated restaurants and joints in Bangalore, which are very popular among the people of Bangalore, where they indulge themselves during special occasions and weekends.There is a long list of overrated restaurants in Bangalore.Let’s see a few of them here

Farzi cafe

Located in the busy city of UB, this is considered as one of the famous joints in the city which serves good food.But as a matter of fact, it is overrated.It has a good ambience though.You will find the place to be very relaxing especially if your day was hectic and you need calm and peaceful ambience.But as far as the food is concerned, this might not be the right place.The quantity provided is not worth the amount spent even though the taste is good.The service is not up to the mark as you experience an extensive delay in receiving the ordered food.

Meghana foods

This restaurant is located in MG road, one of the busiest area in Bangalore. Meghana foods is a much-hyped restaurant in Bangalore.It is very famous for its Hyderabadi biriyani but in reality, it is not up to the mark as you can find much tasty and spicy biriyani at other places in Bangalore.If you are looking out for a place to have a sumptuous non-vegetarian treat, then it is not the place for you.This restaurant is overrated in my opinion and is not like anything as the hype given to it. I would term it as overrated.There service and ambience are good though.

Shri Sagar (C.T.R)

The people of Bangalore rave about the mouth-watering dosas of Shri Sagar (C.T.R),

Which has been in business for a very long time.You get very crispy dosa made in ghee at this joint but there are better places where you get much better dosas than this restaurant.Even the bondas here are not of much quality as they are said to be.Anyone who is a die-hard fan of south Indian food would call this restaurant to be very overrated and not worth the hype created by the locals.

Big Brewsky

This is another most overrated restaurant in Bangalore.It has a good ambience apart from that there is nothing good about the place.It has a very inexperienced crew and the service was poor and moreover, it is slow.The quality of food needs a huge improvement.It is nothing compared to the hype created by the people.With a little improvement in the management, this would prove to be a good place.

Make sure you check the review of the restaurants and joints in Bangalore before you decide to spend your money on any one of them.