Oppo Aims to take on its rival Xiaomi with PCB assembly & a new sub-brand

Chinese consumer electronics and smartphone maker Oppo is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones. Previously, Oppo received the rank of 4 worldwide in 2016. In 2017, Oppo successfully own the sponsorship bidding and is one of the sponsors of the Indian Cricket Team. Though Oppo’s market in China is great, it wants to capture the Indian Electronics market by defeating its rival brand Xiaomi. Both Xiaomi & Oppo are Chinese electronics products & smartphone manufacturers and both have the same aim to rule the Indian electronics market. As Indian Electronics market is big and people are crazy about getting the newly launched smartphones with the latest technologies, Oppo & Xiaomi are bringing the coolest smartphones each and every year.

Oppo’s plan to take over Xiaomi:

The Chinese smartphone maker, Oppo has two major plans that it wants to implement for taking over Xiaomi wave. First, Oppo has begun assembling the printed circuit boards (PCBs). Where? Oppo has recently opened a second plant in India and it’s assembling the PCBs in this plant. Second, Oppo plans to launch a new sub-brand of it. Both of these moves typically aim to take on its long-time rival Xiaomi. Undoubtedly, Xiaomi has become the top player in the electronics market as it is ruling the world’s second-largest market, the Indian Electronics market.

According to the current statistics, most Indian people have bought smartphones between the range of 10,000 and 20,000. That means the people are now interested to buy a bit costlier smartphone models. As Oppo’s smartphones are a bit more costly, Oppo is assembling its PCB in its second plant in India. Oppo now plans to produce 50 million smartphones in this plant itself. As the production capacity is going to increase due to the PCB assembly, the cost of Oppo smartphones will reduce and come under the most wanted range among consumers.

Soon after Xiaomi announced that it is going to manufacture smartphones including a PCB assembly unit in India, Oppo announced its PCB assembly step for the launch of the company’s new sub-brand. This new sub-brand is expected to be launched in the next month itself! According to Oppo, the new sub-brand is going to take Xiaomi head-on with a price range of Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000.

Oppo is going to generate good volumes of smartphones and revenue via selling it. Oppo has already set up a separate management team who is working hard on the sub-brand. After conducting researches for past six months, Oppo noticed the market insights which indicated that the consumers are actually preferring smartphones with newer technologies, better appearance, differentiated design, and most important, an affordable price.

Oppo’s new sub-brand will come up with all solid build quality smartphones which will offer unsacrificed performance and come under the consumers’’ desired value range. Oppo’s new sub-brand will take over Xiaomi’s online market which has more than 47% share. Till the launching of the sub-brand, we all need to wait.