Oppo R15 Date, Price, Camera, Battery, Features and Specifications

In the world of smartphones, a lot of brands have emerged in order to be part of the big competition of the smartphone market. Most of these brands have created smartphones with amazing features and all running on Android OS. Maybe some of these brands won’t be very familiar to us but rest assured that their smartphones come with amazing features and the highest technology that only today’s market can offer.

It is exactly here when Oppo makes its appearance. Oppo has been struggling for getting into the market of top tier smartphones and has successfully released some pretty impressive devices in the last couple of years, being able to sit among the most important smartphone company sellers in the worlds.

We will be talking about the Oppo R15 which is not only one of the most recent smartphone of Oppo Company bit it is also one of the most cherished ones due to its powerful settings that will definitely make fall for it. One of Oppo R15’s major appealing is the fact that it has dual cameras in the back. People might wonder “Why would you need dual cameras instead of a single powerful one?” Well, we have to keep in mind that two digital cameras working at the same time for taking one picture can bring you incredible colors and lowlight pictures that will certainly blow your mind. So, it has a primary dual camera of 16 MP + 5 MP and a frontal camera of 20 MP for taking astonishing selfies.

The Oppo R15 features a RAM memory of 6 GB and storage capacity of 128 GB which is very impressive. Not more impressive than the fact that The R15 runs on Android 8.1 Oreo which is one of the latest versions of Android. It comes with a battery of 3450mAh that will give hours of joy. Its dimensions are 155.1 x 75.2 mm and it weighs an average 175 grams.

The Oppo R1 is without a doubt an amazing phone with incredible features that will certainly make you have tons of hours of enjoyment.