Oppo R11 Camera, Battery, Screen and Gaming Performance Review

Nowadays, we can find any kind of product, the way we want it, the color we want it and sometimes even the material we want it. Thanks to globalization and internet we are open to an unlimited number of markets throughout the world. The variety and selection of products that we can find are overwhelming.

With all these choices, it comes one that outstands from the others and we are talking about the Oppo brand. Oppo company has been making its way among the top tier smartphones sellers around the world and it seems that it has come to stay.

Oppo’s new smartphone is called the Oppo R11 and we will be discussing its most important features.

The new Oppo R11 is known for having an amazing 5,5 inches display that has an incredible resolution and the capacity of Full HD allowing us to enjoy of beautiful videos and pictures while we operate our new Oppo R11. It has a RAM memory of 4 GB and a very spacious storage capacity of 64 GB that has the possibility of being ungraded with the use of a micro SD.

One of Oppo’s smartphones most appealing features is the double primary cameras which permits its users to take unbeatable shots with amazing resolution even in low light situations, plus recoding spectacular videos.

The Oppo R11 measures 151.8 x 74.3 mm and weighs only 145 grams which makes it a very light an powerful phone that ca be taken anywhere and it is not very uncomfortable to hold and won’t take you a long time to get used to holding it. It is powered by an amazing 2,400mAh non-removable battery.

Finally, we can say that it cannot be denied that the Oppo R11 is one of Oppo’s most important smartphones since a lot of effort, time and resources were put in it in order to provide its clientele with the best quality and highest technology in the market so its followers will feel pleased knowing that they have acquired not only a great phone but also one that has been designed considering their needs.