Nokia 9 Pricing, Date, Features and Specifications

If we think back in time, we can picture a great number of cellphone brands that have showed us all the developments and cellphone technologies that have been released with the time. There are brands that have been with us since we learned how to use a cellphone. This brand has stood out from the rest do to its commitment in creating high quality, resistant, hi-tech devices not just now but during its whole carrier.

This brand is known as Nokia. Nokia is well known for being one of the first ones and for always coming up with revolutionaries ideas as well as simple but unforgettable features like the snake game from the Nokia 8125 and similar models, and including the most modern and recent models that have also made great impression in the smartphones market. This time, we would like to discuss the Nokia 9 which was released during the middle of 2017.

The Nokia 9 has some amazing features that makes it be highly recommended. First off, it possesses a great display of 5.5 inches that is pretty big and considering that it also features a great resolution, we are sure that you will enjoy watching videos with excellent graphics and beautifully colored pictures. Regarding the Cameras of the Nokia 9, we can say that is performs a great set of high definition cams. Its primary rear camera has 12 MP while the secondary frontal selfie camera has 8 MP which will allow you to take breathtaking pictures and incredible videos.

The Nokia 9 was one of the phones that introduced the new Android 8.0 Oreo and it has prtty good performance with 6 GB of RAM memory and presenting a storage capacity of 64 MG. However, there is a variation of 128 GB of storage that can be enhanced up to 256 GB with the use of a micro SD.

There are few smartphones as powerful as the Nokia 9 and this one is special since it has been designed by this largely treasured and cherished company that has been in the market for a couple of decades.