No! This is Not Penis! It is a Chinese Dish Called as Penis Fish

Get your head out of the gutter; they are not what you think they are!

Koreans and Chinese eat a kind of food that looks very much like the reproductive organ of males. The name of the food is ‘Penis Fish’ and is eaten raw and alive. They are also called the fat innkeeper worms in these countries.

The fish is eaten raw and alive after removing their skin and intestines. Customers actually love eating these live squirming fish. However, this fish is also eaten after frying. They live in freshwater and hence they taste a bit sweet and salty.

They swim in the waters of Amazon too and is basically a worm. Its other name is Candiru and it belongs to the family ‘catfish’. And although it looks like a penis, it can still swim inside someone’s’ unmentionables and begin to grow there. The only way to, then, get it out of the body is through surgery. So, you have to be very cautious while bathing in Amazon rivers.

When this worm is a baby, it is so small and translucent that it can actually make its way up there.

Not just the waters of Amazon, but this fish has been found in Australia, China, and Korea.

In Australia, the scientists have named it, peanut worm; however, the common people never hesitate from calling it a dick worm. It is also known as sipuncala fish there.