My temple visits are just to seek blessings for farmers says HD Kumaraswamy

After a great fuss between Congress, JD, and BJP regarding the 2018 election and 2019 Lok Sabha election, Kumaraswamy, the chief minister-designate HD of Karnataka along with his wife named ‘Anita Kumaraswamy’ was observed to be visiting the Dharamshala temple of south Karnataka on this Monday.

According to the recent sources, Kumaraswamy gave a statement saying that “My recent temple visits are only to pray for the wellbeing and good of the farmers”. Apart from this, he further said that he used to visit the Dharamshala temple to pray for the five-year coalition government in the state. In respect to pay a visit to the nearest and famous temple, Kumaraswamy and his wife went to Shree Kshetra Dharmshala temple yesterday. This temple is mainly known for the Manjunateshwara deity and is visited by thousands of people every day. Apart from this, this spot is popularly known as the ‘place of truth’ it is believed that the wishes and desires of the people praying to Manjunateshwara deity get fulfilled.

Both the Chief Minister and his wife took Darshan of the deity and greeted D Veerendra Heggade (the Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala). Speaking to the media, Kumaraswamy clarified that from the past few weeks, our state has been dealing with various ups and downs especially in terms of election 2018. He added that “though we couldn’t make a majority this time, we still believe to be blessed by the mercy of God and the powerful prayers by our supporters”. As now all of this fuss has come to an end, Kumaraswamy visited a temple to pray for the peaceful atmosphere in the state. Besides that, he said that the entire constituencies have put their possible efforts in this election so he decided to visit religious places to express gratitude to God.

When Kumaraswamy was questioned about what he prayed for, he revealed that the purpose of visiting Srirangam temple was to pray for the small and hardworking farmers and for the establishment of stable united government in Karnataka for the next five years. He added “both JD and Congress government executed manifestos with no hindrances. However, our major desire is to formulate a people-friendly government. We don’t want the people of our state to pay unnecessary loans and tax.

This way Kumaraswamy strongly believes that practising the religious rituals i.e., visiting the temple regularly can aid the people to sort out their issues easily. Also, it will bring peace to the state and happiness in the life of people.

Addressing Media about the seat sharing decisions, Kumaraswamy had a no clue of the same and he said that the number of seat sharing would be decided and declared in the upcoming meeting that is going to be held in the state.