More than 400 People are declared dead due to Indonesia’s Earthquake and Tsunami: Check the Latest Updates

On Friday, a 2.5 quake Tsunami hit Indonesia when hundreds and hundreds of people were preparing for the beach festival. All these people are missing after the Tsunami hit Indonesia. Not only this, Palu and its surrounding regions have faced more than 100 numbers of aftershocks since the Tsunami happened on Friday. After the devastating tsunami, nearly 400 people have been declared dead!

The powerful quake shook the Island of Sulawesi and Palu city:

As soon as the Tsunami hit the Island of Sulawesi and Palu city, the government of Indonesia starts its relief campaign from Saturday. While so many people got missing, hundreds of people got deeply injured. The hospitals around the affected areas are not flooding with so many injured patients. Many of the Tsunami victims haven’t yet received proper treatment and care. Many people are yet to rescued and yet to get admitted in the hospital.

Since Friday, one day has passed and already more than 400 people are dead! The national disaster agency of Indonesia has announced the death toll till now at 384. The number might get increased since many people are yet stuck!

Vice President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla has said the death toll might rise at thousands!

The 7.5 quake Tsunami has taken away hundreds and hundreds of people with its huge weaves. Within minutes, it swept away so many people who were present at the beach. So, it’s pretty sure that the death toll number might get increased to a huge number! While at least 540 people were seriously injured, many of them were reported missing. As the hospitals are not able to treat so many injured people, many of the injured victims are now being treated in small outdoors medical tents!

As there are more than 300,000 people who live in the Tsunami affected area, this scary natural tragedy has shaken the whole of Indonesia. It has been declared by the government that the situation could get worse!