7 Best Men’s Wrist Watches For Every Price Range – 2024 Guide

It can be somewhat frightening to buy watches. Even counting the new pieces introduced each year, thousands of models are available from hundreds of different companies.

This makes it quite difficult for most of us to get a new edition, especially if we don’t know which brands are good and which are poor. Finding a firm understanding of the most excellent watches can be challenging if you don’t have countless hours to conduct the essential research.

There are plenty of options available if you want to buy your first high-quality watch to wear every day or if you adore them. Read this article to know more.

1. Timex 1978 Reissue

Source: thenorthernwatchco.com

The Timex brand had traditionally focused more on value than on looks. In the 1980s, Timex became a major player in the wristwatch industry, and it hasn’t looked back.

The Q Timex 1978 Reissue represents the brand’s venerable yet recognizable quartz movement. It is available in several colors, which share a similar retro aesthetic from the 1970s.

This product has a light champagne dial with an angled day-date complication at 3 o’clock. Skyscrapers in New York City, which reflect light in all directions, are the inspiration for the watch’s polished hands and hour markings. This strong quartz watch with beautiful vintage accents is available for $169.

2. Fossil Townsman

Source: brandfield.com

The American brand Fossil is well-known for its incredibly fashionable and eye-catching watches. The most popular and well-regarded fashion brand is Fossil. They are a brand that offers one of the most extensive selections of various styles, responding to the demands of a large number of individuals, given the number of models available on the market.

Many enthusiasts or collectors embark on a weekly, if not daily, journey to find the ideal balance of elegance, style, and performance—while doing it on a budget.

Get away from the guessing game by sticking with a dependable brand like Fossil, whose striking, skeletonized Townsman Watch offers a beautiful balance of basic design and formal sophistication. It sticks out substantially on a gorgeous leather strap because the 48mm case size is more significant than typical. The watch costs around $175.

3. Boderry Urban Titanium Skeleton

Source: aliexpress.com

Boderry is a Chinese brand that manufactures watches on a budget. Before being put on your hand, each Boderry automatic watch is put together by their independent watch factory and has passed a rigorous quality examination.

The Titanium Skeleton’s astonishingly low weight of 62 grams is astounding for the price. The price of this timeless beauty is just around $150. Titanium is used to make the casing. The case measures 40mm in diameter, 44mm in length, 11,7mm in thickness, and 20mm in lug width.

Mineral flat crystal may be seen on the case rear. Although the water resistance is just 50m (5ATM), it will be adequate for hand washing and light rain; swimming is not recommended.

4. Bulova American Clipper

Source: happyshoping88.xyz

Frank Sinatra, a sophisticated and well-known musician, is a great model for any company. Back in the day, he preferred the Bulova watch line, so for your most formal events, you can’t go wrong with a simple, timeless black leather strap watch.

This clock has an automatic movement visible through the open case back, just like the watches we previously discussed. The best part is that it retails for less than $300, allowing you to treat yourself to a steak meal or a martini on a date night.

5. Seiko SARB065

Source: flickr.com

Japanese watch giant Seiko is undoubtedly the brand that best embodies value, dependability, and longevity. They offer hundreds of styles, such as diving, dress, sport, and casual watches.

One of Seiko’s most recognizable models today is the SARB065 Cocktail Time. Anyone who wears this gorgeous and distinctive piece will appear stylish when hitting the town.

Few editions on the market feature a Guilloche cut, which is an undulating pattern engraved into the material. The watch hands and hour markings are a straightforward triangle that perfectly complements a chic look. This product comes under $500.

6. Tissot PRX Automatic

Source: monochrome-watches.com

This former employee of the Swatch Group pretty much sets the bar when it comes to value and choice. Since this budget watch manufacturer has been developing since 1853, you can be sure that you’re investing in authentic horological heritage when you choose one of its collections.

The watch is promoted with an out-of-the-ordinary and humorous campaign. It features a laid-back man partaking in an exuberant routine to prepare for a hopeful, almost magical night out. A departure from conventional watchmaking conventions, the lighthearted advertisement highlights the Tissot PRX Automatic’s relaxed sophistication.

The improved PRX Automatic, which has a Powermatic 80 movement and an even more edgy touch of design than its quartz predecessor, is slim, sleek, and has an appearance that slightly references the ’70s. Perfect for the gentleman who enjoys himself with style and expresses his unique character through the fundamentals of fantastic design. It costs around $950.

7. Rolex Classic Stainless Steel

Source: airows.com

The most recognizable brand currently in use is Rolex. The renowned Swiss manufacturer has built its reputation over decades of steady, reliable build quality and a few designs that helped define its sector.

One of the unexpected trends of the past few years has been Tiffany blue watches, but you don’t have to pay current catalog costs if you can find a Tiffany blue Rolex from the 1960s. It’s important to note that most of these turquoise watches are unrelated to the jewelry business. If you don’t mind a little color, this cheerful watch will make you happy every time you look at it. This piece costs around $5,500. It is one of the best luxury products on this list.


Among the best pieces available are the ones mentioned above. The models mentioned are made by some of the most renowned companies in the world. These watches are well-made and have a sophisticated design.

The characteristics and description of the particular watch are now familiar to you. Every watch is different in terms of its features and appearance. Using these as a basis, you may assess the available possibilities and select the one that best suits your requirements and price range.