Traditionally most of the stores in the United States offer several products in discount at the time of Memorial Day, marking the change of season from spring to summer and giving the opportunity to get items such as food and appliances at really good prices.

One of the stores that take an active part in this tradition is Walmart where several items can be bought with significant discounts and with high level of quality.

For this Memorial Day 2018, the store has a great deal in food so a good meal can be made to honor those American soldiers who fought in the different wars, as well as having a great time sharing with all family members. In this department we can find:

  • Spinach and Artichoke or Ranch Cheddar Dip made by Marketside™ at the amazing price of $4.98 for the 15 oz. presentation.
  • Also form Marketside™, Traditional Rotisserie Chicken is presented in the offers with a price of $4.98 for 29 oz. It can also be tasted with Lemon Pepper flavor at the same price.
  • Meals already prepared produced by Great Value are available at a price of $5.88 for the 24 oz. presentations
  • Enjoy Select Sam’s Choice soups just for $2.50
  • From Sam’s Choice Smoked Sausages can be found at $3.54 for 12 or 14 oz. packages.
  • Complete the meal with a delicious dessert; take home Sherbet or Ice Cream from Great Value at $2.97 each 48 fl.oz. presentations coming in different flavors to choose.

Other offers include:

  • Downy® Liquid Fabric Softener for just $3.97
  • A 3-pack Colgate® toothpaste at $3.96
  • Refresh from summer heat with the Power Steel Pool from Coleman® at $544.
  • For $149 provide a good workout routine to mothers with the 26” Ladies’ Marietta Perfect Fit Cruiser Bicycle with saddlebag included.
  • Go camping taking advantage of summer weather with Ozark Trail Lighted Instant Cabin Tent with a capacity for 10 persons at $ 179.
  • Take advantage of the weather and enjoy lunch at the backyard with Mainstays Oakmont Meadows Patio Dining Set for $209
  • Enjoy all the summer TV programming with refurbished TV set from $149.

All offers are valid from May 14th until May 24th. Check the store website for more items on sale for this holiday.