How to Throw a Memorable Graduation Celebration This Year

The point of finally clearing school gives you a satisfactory feeling. All the trouble that you went through, the challenges that you faced, and all the efforts that you put in are celebrated on one day. And with the way the last year has gone, celebrating your academic achievements is even more warranted.

Although you have spent years and years in school to get here, it all comes down to one moment. The day you have been waiting for is here and this day ought to be made special in more ways than one.

While throwing a party was the typical thing to do, the pandemic affected most of the social events that we’re used to. And with ever-changing regulations and new rules coming out often, it may be hard to decide how you wish to celebrate your grad this year. The good thing is that places like Party City offer alternatives and ideas for graduates (see more here) who want to celebrate their big day so take a look and start planning!

Different Types of Graduation Ceremonies in 2024

There are different types of parties that you can arrange to celebrate your educational victory. Some of the options include:

A Virtual Graduation Party


Virtual celebrations have become the go-to solution for many graduates these days. This option has gained traction for a few different reasons. For starters, it is affordable if you aren’t looking to drop a huge amount of cash. You really only have to invest in snacks for your family who are present with you and possibly on a few small decorations for your virtual background. Another plus is that it adheres to all the government regulations put in place as everyone gets to stay safe in their own home. It is also a very low maintenance option as it only requires a laptop and an internet connection. But one of the biggest positives with this celebration is you can have your friends and family from all over the world connect on one video call as they laugh, cheer and sing due to the happiness.

Social Distancing Party


Social distancing parties are more or less the same kind of typical party we’re used to, although they do need to be more restricted. You can use your patio space, backyard, or any open larger space in your home to host the party. With this option, you get to invite friends and family over but keep in mind that your list will likely be more limited depending on the size of the area you have since maintaining social distance is key. However, you’ll still get to eat, drink, dance, and have a fun time all together.

Drive-By Party


A drive-by party is perhaps the newest kind of celebration that has become a phenomenon since last year. This kind of “party” allows you to actually see your friends and family in person but still at a distance. They can drop gifts for you as they drive by your driveway. Honking is the typical signature for arrival, and the guests can carry banners, posters, notes, cards, and gifts to drop off for the graduate.

Family Dinner


A family dinner is another alternative that requires less hassle if planned appropriately. You only need to worry about preparing a meal for your family. If you are looking for something to do following dinner, you can also watch a movie or take some time to give a small speech about your graduate and give them the opportunity to give gratitude to the people who were present in their journey.

The Checklist For a Proper Party


For a good party, you should consider putting together a checklist to help guide you through the process of preparation. A checklist also keeps you on track with what you need to do and what you need to get to save time. Some of the things you can include to get your list started are:

  1. Date – the date of your party or celebration is important because in order to plan properly you can’t randomly pick a day to have it. You have to be sure to notify all the involved parties with time before the event.
  2. Venue – where will you host your party? Will it be online, at home, somewhere else? The venue is critical as people may need to look for means to get there and you will need to know the availability of the place in advance.
  3. Guest List – who are you planning to invite to your party? You will need to be limited with the number of guests if you select a physical party, but virtual celebrations can host as many people as possible from all over the world.
  4. Supplies – what will you need for the day? More can go onto your list if you are choosing to host a family dinner or a socially distanced party, for they will require food and drinks at the least. If you want to order food from your favorite restaurant, make sure you do it with time as they will likely be busy during graduation season.
  5. Equipment – if you slide in some activities, you should have those planned out ahead of time so you know the equipment needed and where to get them. Sourcing and booking anything you need to get from a vendor in advance is essential. This is the part where balloons and decorations also come into play.
  6. Plan B – you should always have an alternative plan or option. In the off chance that something wrong happens before the party or during preparations or suddenly conditions change, be prepared to quickly change the course of action.

How to Plan for a Party


There are several tips that you should keep in mind to pull off the best party. Some of the things to consider doing include:

  • After inviting the guests, follow up to know who will show up so that budgeting for the event will be easier.
  • If equipment and decorations are involved, try setting them up a day earlier to ensure you have everything in place.

Planning for a party for your success in school work is a fun activity. So make sure you take the time to prepare to help celebrate this memorable milestone in life.