Meaning of flowers

We are sure that you agree with us – flowers possess the ultimate power of putting a smile on everyone’s face. Don’t you just feel blissful when you are surrounded by these beauties? The best thing is that they are all around us – in fields, gardens, even our homes, and offices. But, did you know that each flower has a significant meaning and carries a meaningful message? In the following text, we have chosen a few of the most popular types of flowers and we are going to tell you about the meanings they bear.

Meaning of flowers
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Let’s start with the most popular one – roses. According to Greek mythology, roses originated for Aphrodite’s son’s Adonis’ blood that ran from his wounds. On the other hand, Romans believed that everything that is said beneath them is confidential which is why they hanged them on the ceilings of banquet halls. Furthermore, rose is England’s national flower and they represented two important families in the 15th century, the Lancasters and the Yorks. Even the conflict between these two families is known as The War of Roses. Roses also inspired William Shakespeare to write one of his most popular lines from “Romeo and Juliet”.

Nowadays, various colors and a different number of roses bear diverse meanings. Naturally, the red rose symbolizes love, yellow one friendship, and the white one represents purity and innocence. When it comes to the number one rose signifies love at first sight, three say “I love you”, nine represent eternal love and ten roses tell “You are perfect”. You can find a number of different floral arrangements on

Sunflowers are another all-time favorite due to their warm and cheerful color. They originated in America and were cultured for centuries as a valuable source of food. They were also the inspiration for many painters, especially those from the Impressionist era. Additionally, the sunflower was used as a religious symbol in some indigenous communities.

The sunflower symbolizes endurance, strength and long life since some varieties of it can withstand hottest summer days. It also represents loyalty towards your partner, family or friends. By giving this flower to someone you are telling them that you are loyal to them and that they can always turn to you for help. In addition, they are symbols of optimism and positivity, happiness and joy, and in Chinese culture of good luck.

We are moving on to lilies which are rich in symbolism. The first one of them is femininity. Greek and Roman brides often wore a crown of lilies in hopes of a fruitful life. Back in the day, gentlemen used lilies to express their love towards someone special. Christians view these flowers as symbols of virginity and purity which is why they are known as Madonna lilies and they are often used in wedding ceremonies.

Carnations are believed to be one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world. They are also referred to as “the flowers of gods”. According to Roman legend, they appeared after the Crucifixion of Christ and sprung from every spot on earth where Mary’s tears feel. In the Victorian era, they were used to send the message of love. Moreover, in Korean culture, they are used to predict young girls’ fortune.


Since they come in different colors, each carnation bears a unique message. The red one symbolizes deep love and admiration, white one signifies good luck and pure love, pink indicates a mother’s love, while yellow one stands for rejection or disappointment.

All in all, in this text we have mentioned only a few types of flowers, but if your favorite is not on our list, you will have no trouble researching its symbolism and meaning online.