How Do You Make a Large Window More Energy Efficient?

When you constantly activate the HVAC system with large windows in your house, it can result in high energy bills. Windows are the least insulated, and it allows passage for air. You can feel extremely cold or hot if the glass material is of poor quality. But there is a concern for many people about whether large windows are more energy-efficient.

It is possible to make them energy-efficient if installed correctly and the suitable material is used for manufacturing. You might be confused about how to upgrade the quality or replace your existing large windows.

This write-up is about how one can make large windows more energy-efficient. You should not be worried about the size of the air passage. But you must know how to conserve energy and electricity bills. The increased insulation can break the air circulation and keeps your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

1. Prevent Air Leakage


Air moves inside your house through windows due to the space in the glass and frame. In winter, you will feel cold, and in summer, you will feel hot inside your house. It means the air is leaking and you need to repair it as soon as possible. In large windows, air leakage happens a lot, and it can severely affect your house’s temperature.

It is necessary to seal the leakage space to save money on electricity bills. You can use caulk or other weatherstripping items to improve the leakage issue. You need to apply material when the weather changes drastically, or it can easily handle the friction.

2. Adding Blinds

If you want to avoid light entering your house through windows, you can prefer installing blinds. It helps in increasing the insulation and regulates the temperature inside your home. The drapes and shades are effective enough to prevent heat loss during winter and avoid overheating during summer.

Adding blinds or shades is a cost-effective method to control the temperature of your house. In this way, you can easily save money on electricity bills. But you have to take care of the blinds installed on large windows. It is crucial to clean it every day to avoid dirt deposits.

3. Use Exterior Shutters


You can place the exterior shutters on the windows of your house. But you cannot open and close those shutters regularly. The best thing about installing these shutters is that it does not require additional space. Whenever you install anything inside windows, it may take up extra space in your house. You can use the shutters whenever weather changes to provide an additional insulation layer.

You can prevent excessive heat or cold with the help of these shutters. You can pick shutters of any material like steel, aluminum, etc. The aluminum windows give extra insulation that is not possible with glass. If you want to install effective window systems in your house, then you must visit

4. Repair Window Frames

With time, window frames get damaged, and you must inspect them to detect wear and tear. If the frame is too old and hard to repair, you must replace it with the new one. When you do not fix the window frame, air can easily move inside and increase your electricity bills.

Investing in good-quality frame material, like wood, fiberglass, etc., is better. These options are pretty energy-efficient and can make your large windows well-insulated.

5. Fixed or Hinged Windows


It is better to keep your massive windows fixed with no movement. It means that there is no way to open and close them. The fixed style is energy-efficient but is not a preferable choice for many people. They want windows with movement to get air when required.

In this case, it is relatively better to go with the hinged style instead of the sliding ones. The hinged style prevents air movement as it seals the frame tightly. There is less risk of air leakage so you can expect better efficiency. You can open and close hinged windows in different ways, like horizontally and vertically.

6. Choose Energy-Efficient Glass

You must install glass in massive windows to avoid fluctuation in temperature and excess power consumption. It is better to prefer triple glass pane windows instead of single panes. More glass layers will give better insulation. If your house windows are fixed, then you need to take care of the glass installed and its layers.

The best and most expensive option when it comes to window pane is the five layers of glass for better insulation. If you are constructing or renovating your home, it is better to spend enough energy-efficient glass so that you do not have to spend again on replacement or repairs.

7. Professional Installation


If you are replacing or installing new windows, ensure to hire a professional team to do the installation. The team can take proper measurements and install it correctly to avoid air leakage. You can also conserve energy and save money on electricity bills.

You can pick the appropriate design for the frame, glass, and design. But you should hand over other tasks like the installation to the professional team.

Final Thoughts

The window size is not a big issue when it is about conserving power and saving electricity bills. But massive windows are more prone to damage and require regular maintenance. It can be expensive to maintain them. In the case of any damage, the transfer of heat and air will be maximum, and it will be hard for you to control the temperature.

You can opt for all the mentioned ways through which you can make large windows more energy-efficient. In this way, you can stay warm in winter and cool in summer. You can also save money on electricity bills. With small modifications, you can increase the insulation layer of windows and easily control your house’s temperature. If you spend enough in the beginning, you do not have to replace or repair the panes further.