7 Easy Ways to Make Your Car’s Headlights Last Longer

The ability to see the path you are driving on, and signalizing your presence to other drivers are some of the essential features of your car’s headlights. They serve a safety purpose, and they are highly responsible for the aesthetics of your vehicle as well.

Although they are not meant to last forever, if you find yourself changing the bulbs every couple of months, something is surely wrong. While the most common cause is purchasing bulbs of bad quality, there are some other things you might check up on and extend the headlight’s longevity.

In this article, we’ll go through some easy ways to make your headlights last longer. Not only does this help you avoid replacing the bulbs prematurely, but it also increases safety, which is always a top priority. Keep reading and find out more.

1. Clear the Headlights Lenses

Because of the plastic used in the headlight manufacturing process, the lens is prone to fogging due to heat and direct sun exposure. While firstly the headlight becomes foggy, if untreated it turns into a yellower shade that dims out your light and you’ll see less of the road while driving.

Not only does it obstruct the lighting, but it also makes your car look significantly unappealing and it makes you a neglectful owner. For that reason, be sure to clear the headlight lenses and make the bulb you are using to do its work properly.

In case you notice liquids trapped inside the headlight, be sure to evacuate it instantly. The trapped water can contribute to fogging of the lens from the inside, and makes the bulbs break prematurely. If this is a project too complicated for your expertise, bringing the headlight to the mechanic should not cost a lot.

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2. Check the Fuses

The next thing you would want to check is the fuse box. The fuses are responsible for the electricity flow in your car and they are preventing short circuits and other serious problems. With faulty fuses, fire hazards can be common, which is the reason why you want them regularly checked.

The box is usually located beneath the hood, or under the cockpit inside your car. Check whether they are working and if you notice fuses that are corrosive or they have melted, be sure to replace them.

This is a cheap thing you can do and it does not require expertise. However, it significantly improves the safety of your car and with that increases the longevity of your headlights.

3. Look at the Wires and Connectors

Because of the power that headlights require, they use lots of electricity from your car. They use more electricity than most parts of the vehicle. That is the reason why the manufacturers are using thick wires and coating that is thick as well. This protects the wires from burning.

Inspecting the electricity from the fuse box is an excellent idea but checking the wires and connectors is important as well. If you notice how certain wires became stripped, or the coating got melted, be sure to fix them in time. This prevents hazardous situations and makes your headlights last longer.

While checking the wires, you should also see the condition of the connectors and the holders of the bulbs. After years of use, they might get damaged, and replacing them is a quick and inexpensive way to come up with better headlight longevity.

4. Use Better Bulbs

The reason behind the short duration of the lights is due to the purchase of bulbs of bad quality. For that reason, be sure to find a reliable store and replace both of the bulbs at the same time. This is recommended both by vehicle and light bulb manufacturers so be sure to practice it.

To improve the performance, you might consider doing a switch from basic bulbs to LED. Not only are the LED bulbs brighter than the basic ones, but they also need less electricity, and last ten times more as Vland suggests.

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5. Ensure Proper Fluid Level in the Battery

Depending on the type of battery you use, there might be other things for you to check and ensure everything is working properly. While most of the newer car models come with a dry battery, if you are using a wet one, you will have to constantly ensure proper fluid levels.

All you have to do is check whether the liquid levels dropped, and fill them in up to the marking with distilled water. While you are at it, you can replace the caps for better security. Be sure to wear safety gear such as gloves and goggles. This relatively easy project will increase the longevity of your battery, and with it, the headlight will last longer.

6. Clean the Terminals of the Battery

While you are working on the battery, there is another thing you should do to be sure the battery runs perfectly. Cleaning the terminals of the battery is an easy and inexpensive process that helps in relieving lots of electrical problems.

All you have to do is sand the terminals from the corrosion, and make them shiny again. Connect everything properly, and you should be done.

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7. Consider Doing Full Headlight Replacements

At last, to be completely sure your headlights are as bright as they can, and they last the longest, doing a full headlight replacement can be an option. Even though this is the most expensive way to increase the longevity of the lights, they will improve your car’s looks especially if you own an older vehicle.

Their high price is due to the aftermarket manufacturers and potential issues with the retrofitting project. You will have to find a mechanic, and the labor only adds up to the costs. In addition, if you are having a new vehicle, installing different parts might terminate your warranty so you should be careful.

Even though there can be complications with full headlight replacements, there are brands that offer lights that fit perfectly in place. With that, you’ll have no trouble installing them, and will achieve a modern look providing longevity and the best performance.