Know what message you’re sending with the flowers you’re buying

Every flower is unique and so is the message that comes with it. We’ve been gifting flowers for a long time now and it seems that flowers will forever remain one of the most beautiful and colorful presents. They are perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or simply to show your love and affection on a daily basis. However, not many of us stop to think what message we’re sending when we’re buying aster, daisies, or carnations? These are all wonderful blooms, but what are they saying?


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These delicate, light-colored flowers can look stunning in any environment. You need to be careful when buying these because not everyone is in love with them. However, if you know that your significant other, your friend, or your mom loves them, then choose the colors wisely. While pink carnations say “I’ll never forget you,” the two-toned versions of this flower don’t have such a positive meaning. If you’re looking to combine multiple flowers to convey a special message, you can get more ideas here for a perfect bouquet.


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This is a wonderful, daisy-like wildflower that has a star-shaped flower head. It’s brightly colored and is a pretty bold choice for a bouquet. Aster represents love, wisdom, and faith. Also, in Victorian culture, it can also symbolize patience and charm. On the other hand, elegant purple aster symbolizes royalty and wisdom, while the gentle, white aster represents purity and innocence.

Bird of paradise

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These are colorful and bright and have very intriguing-looking blooms. The meanings of these flowers include joyfulness, faithfulness, love, thoughtfulness, and magnificence. That’s why they make for a perfect birthday or Valentine’s Day gift. The most popular colors of birds of paradise are orange and blue, but they do come in many other colors as well. Fun fact, a giant species of birds of paradise, Strelitzia Nicolai, can grow up to be around 30 feet tall.

Birds of paradise are quite popular as summer floral arrangements and are often seen at weddings.


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Daisies are one of the most popular flowers in the world and they have very optimistic and nice meanings. They symbolize purity, innocence, and true love. This beautiful flower served as an inspiration to many artists, writers and painters alike. What many don’t know is that daises are medicinal and can be eaten. They can be used to treat inflammation, coughs, and bronchitis.


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It is said that in Rome, gladioli are often linked with gladiators. They used to wear them around their necks while fighting to believe the flowers would save them from death.

Today, the flower symbolizes strength, integrity, and infatuation. However, if you have pets, you probably shouldn’t keep these flowers in your house or garden. The flower is poisonous to dogs, cats, and horses. They are mostly safe for humans, but they can sometimes cause skin irritation.


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This is a flower you can buy for your date as you pick her up. You can buy it for anniversaries and birthdays as well. They symbolize love, rebirth, happiness, confidence, and even forgiveness. They have a huge significance in Turkey. Also, the Netherlands is famous for its huge, colorful, awe-inspiring tulip fields.