Simple Yoga Can Remedy Knee Arthritis and Knee Pain

Arthritis is the progressive damaging of our joints, most commonly found on people above the age of fifty. A lot of people find evidence of arthritis in one form or another.

The reason why this happens is that as a person ages the cartilage between the bones starts to thin, and the ability to sustain loads decreases. Therefore the entire load of the body is applied directly to the surface of the bone, which leads to the formation of osteophytes.

When this happens, one of the most affected areas are the knees, and that creates a very acute problem that is pretty common nowadays.

If you find yourself suffering from this excruciating pain and you are desperately looking for a pain relief (other than pills and medications, which you know you can’t abuse), then, the answer to all your prayers is very simple. Yoga, there are some Asanas or “postures” that will help you with your knee problem more effectively and enduring than anything else

But before we jump right into it, let’s have a look at what makes you more susceptible to this condition.

1. Excess Weight. Remember that wear and tear we talk about above? Well, this is only worsened by the “extra” pounds of load the Knees have to take.
2. Hereditary. People with a family history of arthritis have a greater chance of suffering from it even at early ages. This is especially true in Women.
3. Injury. Those injuries we sustain on our knees and ligaments is also another cause of it.
4. Lack of muscle tone. The condition gets especially worse if the muscles surrounding the Knees aren’t strong enough.

As you can see these factors will make the situation worse, therefore, controlling them can go a long way in helping you minimizing the advancement of the disease. So, before doing the Asanas you may want to consider too:

– Lose Weight. Yes, that is simpler said than done, but proper dieting will be great for you.

– Regular Exercise. Also another great tool for losing weight this also strengthen your muscles and give you a fighting chance in this battle against arthritis.


For those people suffering from knee pain. Slower and controlled movements are far better, less or even no movement at all is detrimental. Practicing yoga helps out with their stretching movements.

Yoga is excellent at preventing knee pain, keeping them healthy and flexible, and it is also a great pain reliever. These Asanas are great at enhancing the flexibility of our joints, and no other poses do it better than this ones.

Yoga has a great number of exercises that are very helpful at relieving knee pain. But in order to be even more successful, you should practice it in the presence of experts, and finding one isn’t very difficult, or you could even hire a private one if you have the money. So, here they are, the best Asanas for knee arthritis:

1. Virksasana.
2. Ekpadhastasana
3. Makrasana
4. Veerasana
5. Bhujangasana
6. Tadasana
7. Reclining knee bent twist
8. Januhastasana
9. Trikonasana
10. Pavanmuktasana.