Keto Diet Weakens Cancer Cells Landmark Research Indicates

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in today’s time. It is caused basically by uncontrolled cell division in the human body. As the cells continue to grow at an ever-expanding rate it can result in the production of cancer clot which is the collection of cells which are dividing in an uncontrolled manner. These cells can result in blocking of various body functions by means of hindering those functions.

It is found that Cancer is normally caused due to the higher amount of intake of carbohydrate or glucose. As more amount of glucose is entered in the body it will result in an uncontrolled division of the cells and thereby creates the situation of cancer. Recent research, therefore, signifies that one can control the intake of carbohydrates to have a control over cancer.

How Ketogenic Diet Works

Ketogenic diet condition is basically a situation where we are consuming lesser amount of carbohydrates for our body. This would result in the lesser amount of glucose intake inside the body. As the amount of glucose required for the body is scarce it will try to burn fat instead of sugar or glucose. It will thereby create a state which is termed as ketosis.

In case of ketosis, it is burning ketosis instead of glucose for getting the required amount of energy for the body. It is thereby not relying on the sugar or carbohydrates. When there is lack of glucose, ketones are created in the body in its absence. This process was developed for humans for the conditions when food was not available for a long period of time.

With this as the energy is gained from the ketones, cancer cells can’t flourish from the energy which is obtained from them. They can develop more effectively only from the energy which is gained from the burning of glucose. This would slowly result in cancer cells starving and thereby resulting in the reduction in the overall number of the cells.

In most of the cases, cancer cells are almost like the normal cells. Yet they are quite receptive with regards to the insulin receptors. This would result in more insulin getting used over those cells thereby resulting in more glucose being consumed in those cells. In such conditions cancer cells are receiving the required energy from the glucose thereby it will continue to grow further. This is the reason why normally cancer patients are the ones with highest blood sugar levels.

How can Ketogenic Diet weaken cancer cells?

When we are on the food which is having the lower carbohydrate content, the body is always in the lack of the same. Under that situation, the body will always be working for finding the required energy source. Ketogens are quite an important means which can supply them with the required energy levels by their consumption.

In case of the situations when ketogens are consumed, cancer cells will also be consumed in the want of the required energy for the body. This is the way how we can reduce the effect of the cancerous cells over the body by reducing the carbohydrate intake.

Cancer cells are quite good insulin receptors. This result in their greater attraction towards the glucose availability. If a person’s blood is having higher glucose content those cells will enter their blood and will spread at quite a rapid rate. It is thereby required to have a precise control over the glucose level of the body to have a proper control over the cancer cells.

The cancer cells which are generated in the body are not having the desired capability of generating the fatty acids and thereby generate the required glucose which is required for its existence. When the supply of the glucose is stopped to the cancer cells they will eventually starve off. This would slowly result in the removal of the cancer cells from the body.

Ketogenic Diet Foods – What To Eat

There are numbers of foods which we consume comes under the Ketogenic diet. We can select from the range of foods which are described here for consumption which can help us in either preventing the growth of the cancer cells or help us in destroying the cancer cell which has grown. This food will felicitate us into making the cancer cells starve which will result in cancer cells getting destroyed.

When we are consuming the fats we should be aware of consuming only the healthy fats which can help us in staying healthy. Some of the healthy fats which are commonly available include Olive Oil, Butter, Eggs, Coconut Oil, Raw seeds and nuts and finally avocados. We can select the one from this which best suits our needs and help us in fighting cancer.

Vegetables are also an important part of our daily food consumption. There are many kinds of vegetables available in the market and each of them is having their own peculiarity of helping us against cancer. Some of the vegetables which can be considered under Ketogenic Diet include Brussels sprouts, Collard greens, Cabbage, Kale, Cauliflower, Spinach, Broccoli, Asparagus and finally Celery.

In addition to the fats and vegetables, proteins are also required to be provided in sufficient quantity to the body. In taking protein in proper quantity would help in maintaining the required glucose level where it is required and starving the cancer cells. Some of the proteins which are beneficial include Fermented Diary, Organic pastured poultry, Wild Game, Grass-fed beef, Fish and seafood and so on.

Even the antioxidants, organic acids, and enzymes are highly recommended for creating a healthy environment for the individual and fighting against the cancer cells. Studies have shown that to fight against the cancer cells one can introduce ketogenic diet which is consisting of 75% of the healthy fats, 20% of protein and no more than 5% of the carbohydrates.

Thus, we can say that the prime reason for the development of the cancer cells is the higher intake of carbohydrates inside the body. One can prevent or eradicate the cancer cells by consuming a Ketogenic diet which is having a limited amount of the carbohydrates. This will help the individual in getting rid of cancer cells or prevent them from facing cancer in future. One can select the diet from a variety of available diets which suits them and having the desired level of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.