6 Tips for Keeping Your Cannabis Oil Fresh – 2024 Guide

Today, the market is full of CBD products, oils, and edibles, because in the recent years, many studies are showing its benefits, and many people and companies are fighting against the traditional belief that it’s harmful, and everyone should avoid it because they can get addicted. The truth is that the drug we recognize, and the pharmacy products that are highly promoted, are different. They both come from the plant named cannabis, but the prescribed products don’t contain the active substance named THC, which is the one that is getting the people addicted to the drug, and have psychotropic effects over them. On the other side, the prescribed drugs contain CBD (cannabinoids), and their active form is good for fighting against sickness due to chemotherapy, relaxing purposes, easing the HIV/AIDS symptoms, relieve the pains in the muscles and joints, and of course, a lot of other proven positive effects over the human’s health.

Of course, there are side effects, but when dosed properly, they are minor, and not every patient will feel them. CBD oil products and supplements are pretty popular, and you can buy them in a pharmacy. But, have you ever considered looking at their shelf life? Do you know how to properly store them? Even when you use these products every day of your life, you should close the bottle carefully, and put it in a safe place. Usually, these products are mixed with natural oils and alcohol, and their shelf life is pretty long, but if you don’t store them properly, it may easily spoil, change the color, or start smelling bad. You can also always visit Cannabidiol Life, so you can read more about how to avoid fake products, and follow the instructions about keeping your oils and drops fresh all the time.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to do that:

1. Take care of the conditions

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Even though the solutions sold in the drugstores are highly controlled and won’t expire in weeks, you should be aware that CBD products are light and temperature sensitive, and if you don’t store them in a dry and dark place, it can easily change the color, taste, and even the consistency. But, it doesn’t mean the product is spoiled, but you better follow the instructions, so you can avoid thickening, or the appearance of tiny crystals in the liquid, especially when it’s stored in a too cold place. Also, keep in mind that pure oil will last up to one year when stored properly, but when mixed with other products, that “life” may be shorter or longer, depending on the other oil, or solution base.

2. How to recognize if it went bad?

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The first thing you need to do if you are suspicious about the bottle in your drug cabinet is to put it at room temperature and see what happens. Most of the time, the expired product won’t cause any harm, but you won’t see any benefit too. You should check it regularly, especially if you don’t use it every day. But, if the liquid is too dark, smells bad, or even has some weird particles inside, you probably should throw it away, and buy a new bottle. The same goes for the edibles, like candies and gummies. You should always check their condition before consuming it. If it smells like a rancid product, and you should throw it in the trash immediately. The good thing is that if you use it every day, the spoiling is almost impossible.

3. Avoid exposing to light and air

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You probably knew this, but every product that is sensitive to the oxygen and the sunlight should be placed in a dark place. If you keep the original box, you can keep it fresh even longer, because you are literally doing everything to protect it from the direct light and airflow around the bottle. The same goes to the edibles, and other CBD infused products. They won’t have a long shelf life, and their expiration date may come faster than you think, especially when the oil is cold-pressed and organic. Homemade CBD oil has a shorter expiration period, and if you are preparing by yourself, don’t make huge quantities, because it would be impossible to keep it safe from the light and air.

4. Learn how to freeze the products

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You shouldn’t freeze the oils and butter, because they can last longer anyway. But, if you prepare edibles, infusions, and other products that can be easily be spoiled at room temperature, you can extend their life by freezing it. It’s a good choice, but you can expect some changes in the taste and the consistency after you decide to use them again. Freezing the oil won’t necessarily harm them, but the chances that the product won’t be the same are pretty big.

5. Avoid too humid places

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Humidity and dampness of the air can be damaging for the CBD oils. As we all know, the moist is an ideal condition for bacteria and mold to be developed, and you don’t want that to happen around your bottle of fresh cannabis oil. It also may ruin the taste, thickness, and aroma. If you keep it away from the moist spots in your home, you are extending its shelf life.

6. Special box when traveling

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When kept properly, every CBD product may have three to six months longer “life” than the average do. When you want to travel, and you should take it with you, it’s always a better choice to use a separate box for that, wrap it in a paper, and don’t keep it in the suitcase, so you can avoid unpleasant situations like leaking, or damaging the bottle.

CBD products have many proven benefits, but we can “enjoy” them longer, and save money on buying new ones if we store them properly. We hope this article will help you learn how to do that, so you can avoid throwing out almost full packages because you didn’t know how to store and keep them fresh properly.