Bangalore: Karnataka MLA’s Want To Go Back Home But Congress and JD Afraid To Leave Them Alone

According to the recent reports regarding Karnataka elections, the Congress, JD leaders, and independent MLA’s are compelled to stay in the hotels unless the majority in floor test boarded on 24th may is proved by HD Kumaraswamy. The Congress and JD ultimately make a decision stating that the MLA’s will be sent to their own constituencies as they have not met their families and relatives since May 15th.

These independent MLA’s were reportedly persuading their respective leaders to send them back to their native lands. However, later on, the decision of the leaders of these two parties was changed and they send the orders to the MLA stating that they have to stay in the hotels till this Thursday.

These strict actions were mainly taken in fear that BJP will poach the candidates belonging to Congress and JD. The MLA’s are accommodated in the safe hotels and a tight security is implemented on them i.e., even the demand of a few MLA’s to visit their native place just for a day was declined by the Congress and JD leaders.

As per the recent news, the MLA’s of Congress party are accommodated in the famous hotel located near to the Kempegowda International airport named Hilton. On the same day, the MLA’s of JD was relocated to a resort of Doddaallapur. The two members of Congress party i.e., Anand Singh and Pratapagouda Patil that were reported to be missing for four days reemerged in the assembly held on this Saturday and are found to be camping with their Congress companions.

On the other hand, Kumaraswamy started influencing his MLA’s by stating them the essentiality of their party to come into power. Apart from this, he further convinced them to follow the decisions taken by him and his father H D Deve Gowda in respect to the composition and organization of the cabinet.

At the same time, the major leader of Congress party i.e., Siddaramaiah, D K Shivakumar, Mallikarjun Kharge, and KC Venugopal also consulted their entire team members by organizing a meeting in the Hilton hotel (the palace where MLA’s are accommodated). The Congress leader influenced their MLA’s and ordered them to abide by all the decisions taken by their respective party in regards to the inclusion of MLA’s.

According to the recent news, one such leader of Congress named Shivakumar stated that the Congress party is taking the decision keeping in mind the 2019 Lok Sabha election. He further stated that “it is the duty of each of you to abide and cooperate with the party as BJP is trying their best possible efforts to attract and poach the Congress MLA’s so be careful”.