Karnataka Elections 2018 – Janata Dal(Secular)’s retaliation on Vokkaliga territory combat

BENGALURU: Karnataka’s political parties on rage for gambling Vokkaliga during election proves their rivalry battle against one another. This fury has been propelled to limelight for their political retribution. The former candidate of Janata Dal(secular), N Chaluvarayaswamy who is now an emerging Vokkaliga candidate of Congress preparing himself along with his members for the right battle against Suresh Gowda of Janata Dal(secular) in Nagamangala assembly constituency of Mandya district.

The top-heads of JD(S) HD Deve Gowda and HD Kumaraswamy were inclined to strike back at N Chaluvarayaswamy who along with his seven MLAs resigned JD(s) and joined Congress, led dissension to not only between the parties but also with the entire constituency. While undergoing this friction among candidates, HD Deve Gowda appointed an equal contestant for Chaluvarayaswamy, Suresh Gowda who shifted from Congress to JD(S) only after his antagonist switched to Congress just to payback this act by shredding off Congress into an empty vessel and grounded with no reliable leaders in its hands.

Nagamangala is one of the few regions in Mandya district which is considered to be drought-prone and highly unirrigated part of the state. In addition to this, Nagamangala constituency announces the Adichunchanagiri Mutt to Vokkaliga candidates who ensures allegiance to the taluk.

Chaluvarayaswamy competed for Nagamangala and won in 1999 and 2004 and then lost to Suresh Gowda in 2008. He won a victory over a former actor, now politician MH Ambareesh in 2009 Lok Sabha election from Mandya district. He beat Suresh Gowda in assembly polls and went back to Nagamangala assembly in 2013.

The two party integrations after their consecutive switches to the opposite parties has this running battle again where Suresh Gowda may face his negative consequences with the nickname “Switched off Gowda”.

In this constituency, the electorate constitutes major communities such as 98,000 Vokkaligas, 33,000. Dalits, 28,000 Kurubas, 12,000 Muslims and 5,000 Lingayats. Other communities like Ganigas,

Vishwakarmas and Acharyas would make up definite results to two major competitors at the Vokkaligas poll that would enhance their split votes.

Moreover, there is also another combatant from BJP Dr V Parthasarathi who just obtained 1,085 votes in the previous elections, complains that there are many neglected public issues like unreliable power

supply, muddled lakes, improper maintenance of roads, poor water facilities and huge crop loss. On the other hand, Chaluvarayaswamy directs his target on only evolving and developing Congress in other assmeblies.

Nevertheless, these three major parties never fails to bat an eye for the Vokkaliga’s support for Adichunchanagiri Mutt allegiance in Nagamangala region despite their crusade efforts for the election