Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, Somethings Brewing!

When we talk about top Bollywood actresses, the first two names that pop into our mind are Kareena Kapoor Khan and Deepika Padukone. Both coming from completely different backgrounds but have made it equally big in this competitive showbiz world. They are in every way the epitome of fashion and have been trend setters from the very beginning of their careers. We should agree that all of us in some way or the other do idolize them and turn to them for cool fashion tips and tricks.

Recently, we saw the gorgeous Deepika Padukone in a sultry white low neck gown which she pulled it off like no one else in B-town can. With smokey eyes, sleek and neatly parted hair in a bun, with that awe-inspiring and plunging neckline, Deepika surely looked smoking hot. The waist clincher was such a style statement we tell you. She kept the makeup to a minimum and didn’t add any jewellery to her look.

Deepika was at the Hall of Fame Awards wearing this mind-blowing attire which she carried with grace as usual. She certainly seems to be keeping up with the theme of the summer season by dawning a balloon sleeve on figure-hugging long gown. Not everyone can pull this without raising some eyebrows; Deepika is most certainly our favourite when it comes to bringing something in vogue.

Just the previous day we were mesmerized by Kareena Kapoor’s new look in a pant-suit. Boy, do we need to take some serious fashion tips from her. It’s not an easy task to put on that daring white pant-suit and make it an in thing in the world of fashion. Kareena has always been this elegant diva, just like the princess from our fairy tales. She has managed to look this prim and prime even during her pregnancy and right through post partum. And now back in her old skin with the gradual transformation after baby Taimur, do we not like her way with the fashion aye?

Kareena carried the Prabal Gurung blazer, a silky twill ivory crepe blazer with sleeves that had ruffles and boot-cut pants of same silky twill ivory crepe fabric for an event that was hosted in Delhi. The look was completed with nude makeup, we do know this is one of Kareena’s favourite makeup styles, just enough eye make up to highlight her deep-set eyes that always manage to hypnotize us!

During her appearance, Kareena Kapoor Khan made sure everyone was rubbernecking to get that one last look of the gorgeous damsel. This power dressing idea of hers is certainly what can give many actresses in Bollywood a run for their money. We know Kareena can never go wrong and it’s a safe idea to take her lead.

With the oncoming summers, we do know whites are going to be in fashion all season. Kareena and Deepika have set the precedence for this season already. Now it’s for others to follow and make their big style statements.