Jaipuri Zyaka – luscious and famous dishes of Rajasthan

A fully fledged foodie is the one who can smell the food and follow his nose to reach to his dishes without opening eyes! If you are one among them then bring your nose to Jaipur and it will take you everywhere. The Rajasthani cuisine is full of species and variety of flavors mixed in a single dish. Some of the famous dishes of Rajasthan are here for you!!

The Famous Dishes of Rajasthan

Daal Baati Churma

The exotic village restaurant Chokhi Dhani on Tonk road Jaipur is the best place where you can find a complete bundle of the famous dishes of Rajasthan, along with its culture, art and lifestyle. Best among of them is Rajasthani thali “ where you can have daal, baati, churma, green and red chutney, besan curry, fried green chilli, and many more cuisine which are all beautifully assembled in a single plate.

Pyaz Kachori

The most famous Rajasthani food Pyaz kachori of Rawat Misthan bhandar on Sindhi road Jaipur is a must for every food lover. The flavour and crunchiness of spicy Rajasthani kachori will stay on your tongue forever!


Sanjay Omelet in Bapu Nagar Jaipur has the monopoly of best omelet in Rajasthan. They will give you every possible way to eat an egg may it be egg roll, egg pizza, cheese omelet or anything else.


If you are a samosa lover then, the Samrat Samosa on Chaura Rasta is the perfect place for you. They are among the oldest sellers of famous dishes of Rajasthan and provide you with mouthwatering dishes which are pocket-friendly too! You can also try their chole bhature and jalebis.

South Indian

South Indian food in Rajasthan must be sounding stupid. Actually, the authentic taste of south India is brought in Rajasthan by the Sarvan café in Raja Park, Jaipur. The aroma of their rawa masala dosa will definitely take you straight in the kitchens of Tamil Nadu.

Paneer Tikka

The mesmerizing combination of stuffed paneer with mouthwatering green chutney and dahi is something one can die for. This is among the famous dishes of Rajasthan and can be easily found at Radheshyam Bhatia paneer wale’s shop in Raja Park,  Jaipur.


The Nand Chaat Bhandar in Raja park may look like a small food store but you will have to stand for hours in queues to get your plate of golgappe. Being a foodie it is indispensable for you try these golgappas and feel the flavors of real Rajasthan.


If you are a tea person then you must have the masala tea of Gulab Ji chai walla, on MI road, Jaipur. This place is always crowded with tea lovers. Their maska bun is equally famous.


How can one forget about outlandish lassi of Special lassi wala, on MI road, Jaipur? This lassi in kulhad (earthen glasses) along with delicious makkhan on the top is no doubt a cooling experience in summers of Rajasthan!

Rajasthani food is filled with colors and flavors exactly like it’s culture and lifestyle. So try some of the famous dishes of Rajasthan in Jaipur and experience new levels of foodgasm!

“Padharo Mahare Desh!!