Is New OnePlus 6T launching in India on upcoming 17th October? Check out the Leaked Video Now!

Are you waiting for the launch of brand new OnePlus 6T? Well, according to some latest speculations, OnePlus 6T might get launch in India in the upcoming month, October 17. Even though this news is not confirmed from the brand officially, it has been suggested by an unknown user who posted a video on Weibo, showcasing OnePlus 6T’s overall design and looks.

What does the post content?

In the user-posted image on Weibo, you will see OnePlus 6T’s official launching invitation in India. Previously, we have seen OnePlus launching its flagship through global launching events. But, this is probably going to be the first time that OnePlus 6T will be launching in the India market, probably in the second week of October.

Are you excited to know the actual Indian launch date? As per the user’s Weibo post, it is clear that OnePlus is planning to do a big launching event in India. If you would see the picture clearly, you will see that it’s written:

‘Unlock the Speed; OnePlus 6T Launch Event; October 17 | India’

The user has actually uploaded many pictures among which one was clearly showing these above-mentioned exact words. So, we can expect that people will receive OnePlus 6T’s launching event’s invitation with the written quote of ‘Unlock the Speed’ over it along with a blotch.

What do the leaked images reveal? How does the phone really look like?

The leaked images of OnePlus 6T clearly show triple camera setup at its back. You can compare its back camera setup with the Oppo R17. Point to note; some previous leaks have revealed that OnePlus 6T is going to have the old dual-camera at its back. But, from the quote of “Unlock the Speed”, it’s pretty clear that this phone is going to offer great performance speed along with amazing looks.

According to the leaked images, this phone will have the fingerprint sensor feature over its front as the ‘Screen Unlock’ feature (this is the first time that OnePlus is introducing fingerprint sensor over the phone’s front display). Additionally, the users of OnePlus 6T are going to enjoy amazing 6.4-inch AMOLED display in the ‘waterdrop’ style like the Oppo R17. The phone’s screen aspect ratio will be 19.5:9 and it will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor.

Which Android OS version you will get?

New OnePlus 6T is expected to be running on the latest Android version which is Android Pie. So, the buyers or users of OnePlus 6T will surely get to use the latest Android version, isn’t it cool? If you are going to compare OnePlus 6T with the previous OnePlus 6, then you will get to enjoy many new features that have been added to OnePlus’s upcoming flagship.

If you still don’t believe that OnePlus 6T is going to launch in India, then you can check the official website of Amazon India where you will see that this model is already listed. This means; this model is going to launch exclusively on Amazon!