Apple’s New iPhone Could Be Cheaper than Expected as low as $550

It has not been even a year of launching iPhone X in the market and there are so many rumors have already been spread about the substitute of this phone for the year 2018. As time goes by, various information about the new iPhone is taking shape.

In the year 2017, Apple has launched its first ever pricey smartphone with $1000. Everyone knows that it is not just a costliest ever phone Apple but also it has many unique features that have made it the most advanced smartphone. It has state-of-art face scanning feature for the advanced security.

But now you will not have to pay $1000 to get these features as Apple is reportedly gearing up to bring its 3 new models in the market.  There is some news from many reliable sources that include Bloomberg, KGI Securities, Morgan Stanley, and Wall Street Journal that Apple is expected to launch a low-cost iPhone during this year.

As per the statement released by KGI Securities in Business Insider in last week that the price of this phone could be from $ 500 to $ 650. Apple is supposed to launch this new iPhone in the month of September as they always launch their phone during this month.

Following is the brief details about the new iPhone which could be as little as $550:

If we believe the reliable sources, new iPhone will be bigger than iPhone X. New iPhone could have facial recognition and edge screen same as iPhone X. The only reason for such less expensive iPhone is that in the new model, the screen would be LCD instead of OLED and OLED consumes less power. Also, it has better colors on the screen.

From another source of Supply chain, the size of the screen of new iPhone could be 6.1-inches. So it will have a bigger screen than iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

According to demand by Asians, this new iPhone could have 2-Simcard Slots so the user can switch easily between data plans or carriers. Along with this, Apple could launch a single-SIM device as well according to KGI Securities. According to a report by KGI Securities, they are aiming to sell 100 million of the new iPhone units this year.

Other specifications and features have not been revealed yet but we can expect that in this new iPhone, double-lenses for the camera could not be possible at this low-cost phone. But as per rumor, it could have a powerful camera and New advanced Apple Chip.

Some analysts also said that, along with this low-cost iPhone, Apple could also launch its super-sized phone with 6.5 inches screen and the price of this iPhone could be around $1,100 or maybe even more.

Apple never reveals its upcoming new product until its official launch, but so far Apple has launched their every product in the month of September since last 6 years, we could know more details about these iPhone in the month of September only.