iPhone 2018 – iPhone 9 to iPhone 11 What We Know So Far

Just little that Apple introduced the new iPhone X and there are already rumors about the future model of the iPhone X 2018. We will call this iPhone 11 because we do not believe that Apple decides to call it iPhone 9. And the truth is that it does not surprise us, given that the new flagship of Apple has given much to talk about, without still getting to send the first units. The new iPhone X is the first to feature a curved OLED display, biometric technology such as the Face ID and optically stabilized dual cameras.


The analyst Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital predicts that the next iPhone X that Apple would launch at the end of 2018, would have a lower cost than that which was launched in 2017 and which was not very successful in sales due to its high price. And as it is already speculated that there will be more than one model, the expert states that the cheapest model would cost $ 700 or more while the standard would be priced at $ 899 and the most expensive with OLED, would reach the value of $ 999. In theory, Apple would reduce the price of the line by $ 100 dollars

If there was something that many people disliked about the design of the iPhone X, it was the fact that it had a superior cut on the screen.

And now a rumor indicates that possibly the next iPhone X comes without this cut. According to a report that emerged in Korea, the next iPhone X will have a full screen, without any level. The report does not give clues about how Apple will achieve it and taking into account that this area of the phone includes a speaker, the front camera, an infrared camera, microphone and several sensors, Apple undoubtedly has a great task in hand.

According to sources, the next iPhone X would be huge. Apparently, Apple is planning to launch a ‘phablet’ style cell phone that would have design elements of the iPhone X and would be called iPhone X Plus. Rumors arise after a supposed photograph of the phone was filtered.