How Long a Person Can Wait for Intercourse After Hernia Surgery – 2024 Guide

A hernia is a general problem to be seen in various people, and that may arise because of weak muscle or having poor nutrition. The question arises have you experienced hernia surgery once? Do you want to understand how sexual life is affected if you involved in intercourse after surgery? What are the following hernia types and how it affects sexual activity? Various factors that affect sexual activity? And what is the accurate time to get involved in sex after hernia surgery? Well, the answer is right in front of you. It will never matter that what type of surgery you go with, the point is, is it safe? It is full of pain or not? Well, it is a must to consult with your General petitioner who may tell you possible pros and cons of when and when not to indulge in sex depending upon your condition. So, this article highlights some answers to your question with prominent information.

How sexual life is affected if you involved in intercourse after the surgery?


A patient who has experienced a laparoscopic procedure does not have any constraints on sexual type of the activity. However, the person may feel slight discomfort and pain after undergoing surgery for near about 2-3 weeks. A person is not in a position to indulge in intercourse with their partner due to extreme pain. A hernia is of various types that may affect your sexual activity. Like for example:

  1. Inguinal type of hernia –Inguinal type could be painful for the initial few weeks. Certain symptoms of this particular type are:
  2. If a person feels a painful sensation at the bulge
  3. Pain in the groin while lifting some items
  4. Extreme pain around testicles
  5. Femoral hernia – Femoral hernia commonly found to occur in women, may make it uneasy for them to involve in sex for initial few days or even weeks. A few symptoms of femoral hernia that every girl should know include-
  6. If they found a lump in the groin
  7. Stomach pain
  8. Nausea, in severe cases
  9. Ventral/incisional – Incisional hernias take a longer time to heal and one may require waiting for a month to do sexual activity.
  10. Umbilical hernia – A person needs to be gentle while having sex during umbilical hernia as it may not hurt badly. In case a person feels pain or slight discomfort, then they can get it fixed immediately
  11. Hiatal hernia – A person undergone laparoscopic surgery for a hiatal hernia can have sex after 2-3 weeks. Some common symptoms that a person faces during hiatal hernia are-
  12. Heartburn
  13. A person faces difficulty in swallowing food
  14. Severe chest pain
  15. Vomiting of Blood

People are advised to consult the doctor at the earliest before any severe condition arises that may close to life risk.

Various factors that can affect your surgical recovery


A hernia could be severe if not taken appropriate measures on time. It is always advisable to look at the cause and symptoms first before indulging in any activity. Various factors can affect your recovery from hernia and sex activity. Some of them are listed below:

  • Depending on where the hernia is there.
  • Laparoscopic technique or procedure, recovery in such state is usually faster
  • The surgical cut is quite paining and it requires one to two weeks to heal properly. Also, the individual should be aware that no pressure should apply to a surgical cut.
  • A man who has an experienced inguinal type of hernia may experience pain for some of the days. So, keep this thing in mind at the time of going for sex.
  • Mesh rooted in your body can cause irritation and inflammation at the site making it uncomfortable for you to involve in physical relationships.

Therefore, the above-outlined factors should be considered when indulging in intercourse with the partners. Minor pain can put your life at risk. Lastly, you should know every possible pros and cons of having sex after a hernia operation.

After considering every point, it’s better to discontinue sex until you are completely recovered. You can also ask your doctor regarding your healing period. Some other recommendations are:

  • Choose a comfortable position that will not hurt your surgical cuts
  • If you feel any pain or ache during intercourse, ask your partner to stop sexual activity. Try to be transparent with your partner.
  • Try not to bend that may loosen the surgical cuts and cause a problem to the hernia.
  • Your partner knows your situation and is the best possible and perfect time to tell him\her about all the concerns.

Pain should be there for a few weeks after all surgery is imposed. Post effect of surgery is painful. Doctors do also recommend to avoid sexual activities until you get recovered. It is for the betterment of your health. It would be advisable to forget about intercourse and take proper rest till you feel energetic.

No matter how flexible the position you are opting for, it will hurt your surgical cuts and there is no point to avoid the pain when a precious life is at risk.

To conclude


A hernia is not a significant issue in most cases, but when it comes to sex, then it completely depends on the person how much issue or problem they are facing with the surgery. If an individual wish to involve in sex after this type of surgery then he\she must know the pros and cons of the sex after a hernia operation. An individual should try to discuss everything about their sexual activity, pain, and other related queries frankly with their doctor to have a clear picture in your mind. Although it’s completely safe to indulge in sex after the laparoscopic type of surgery, still it is advised to take rest and allow your hernia to recover completely. If you have any queries regarding when and when not to involve in sexual activity, then you can also discuss with Pristyn Care doctors who can help you know the correct time about intercourse after the hernia operation.