How to Initiate Sex Chat With Girls Naturally in Public Places?

If there’s one thing that surprises men the most about women, it’s that the majority of them love the idea of having sex in public. There’s just something about girls that makes them spend time thinking about doing it in a public place. Women’s Health magazine has an entire article about just how many fantasize about having sex in public. The simple fact is that 84% of women think about doing it in public when they’re home alone. That means that any man who’s able to make this fantasy a reality is sure to keep them interested and returning to them for the sex that they’ve always wanted to have. You just have to know how to do it in a way that won’t get you caught. If you really want to find out what it’s like to have sex in public then it’s best to start off by sex chatting with them. If you can manage to carry out a steamy chat while you’re surrounded by people, then you’re much more likely to be able to do the real thing.

Find Out if She’s Into it


Naturally, the very first thing you have to do is find out if she’s into sexting with you or not. This is a much more delicate matter than a lot of people think. If you just go off sending dick pics to girls you know, you’re going to run into trouble. There’s a great guide to initiate sexting on Muscle and Fitness. Everyone should pay attention to what they have to say and follow their suggestions. If you desperately want her to see your dick, start off with some emojis first. The old eggplant is a great way to gauge her reaction. If she says something about wanting to see the real thing, you’re in. If she acts grossed out by it then she might not be the girl for you to sext with. Once you get invited to a sexting session, keep it tame at first. Remember that this is all happening in public. You don’t want her to make her absent-mindedly start caressing her lady parts where someone can see her. Build up to it in order to give her time to take in her surroundings and figure out what she can get away with.

Know-How to Share Photos


The next thing to figure out is how to share photos with someone when you’re in public. The trick is to be able to send them without getting found out. This is going to get her into the mood for public fun and she’ll soon take over and send you the hottest pictures that she possibly can. Once again, you have to figure out how to look at them without someone looking over your shoulder.

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This girl has some great tips on how to pose for the sexy pictures that you send off to her. Once you send her a picture or two, she’s going to naturally transition into a sex chat with you in a public place. If you’re sending them then she’s going to want to do the same exact thing. It’s best at this point to ask for a few easy things that she can show you in public. A shot down her shirt or up her skirt is perfect here. If you try to push her too far, she’s not going to want to do it. She’ll realize the potential danger right away and it will turn her off.

Learn to Sext Without Showing it


It doesn’t matter if you’re just talking to someone or trading pictures and videos. The most important thing to do is learn how to do it without anyone knowing what you’re doing. It takes more skill than you probably think it does. You also have to be very mindful of what you’re doing beyond typing on your phone. If you’re rubbing your own crotch without even realizing it, you’re going to have a really bad time. It’s important that you pay attention to everything that you’re doing and, not just focusing on your phone screen. Medium has a really good take on how to sext in public. It’s written by a woman who loves to sext and she never lets on that she’s aroused and just waiting for a chance to touch herself. Switching between apps is the best way to stop someone from seeing what’s on your phone. Spend most of your time on an unrelated app while you’re in public. When it comes time to look at the nude picture she just sent you, flip over to your sexting app then flip right back to the other one. You can be sure that no one will see it all just because they happen to be walking by.

Use The Best Sex Chat Site


The best way to figure it all out is to practice with women who know exactly how to sex chat in public. There are lots of them on Arousr and they’re ready to play whenever you are. Also, you can check They’re used to playing in public, and nothing is going to stop them from having a good time with you. If you can manage to carry out a full sexting session with them then you’ll be able to do it with anyone. Practice swapping back and forth between your apps and taking pictures to send to them. It should only take a few times to figure it all out. There are people sexting in public everywhere and you never know that it’s happening. If they can do it then so can you. All you have to do is realize that the girl you’re talking to really wants to have sex in public. She’s going to be eager to sext and she might just surprise you with how far she takes it all. Give it a shot and you’ll have the most fun that you can possibly have in a sex chat.