Huawei P Smart Indepth Review, Specifications, Camera and Features

Huawei P Smart is one of the latest Huawei phones that you can find on the market. Right from the start you will see that the design is nothing extremely interesting, as it was done before. But the reality is that while it does get some bits and pieces from phones like the Honor 7X, the product also has its own fair share of great ideas and it combines them into a really solid and comprehensive experience.

The aluminum body and the 5.65” IPS LCD offers a really good experience in here. You also have a resolution of around 1080 x 2160, which is more than ok for video consumption, apps and games. While using the device we didn’t encounter any real stutter, although you can expect stuff like that to appear at times depending on the situation. But it is worth it as a whole if you customize the device to suit your needs.

Camera-wise, the unit is very good. It has a 13 MP + 2 MP dual camera that works quite nicely. They also offer 1080p video capture at 30 FPS, the industry standard, so nothing too fancy or which stands out here. But you do have to note that the selfie cam has 8 MP. Not the best out there, but Huawei P Smart does go well over what other devices at its price range can offer, so that’s always important to keep in mind.

The processor is Octa core. While they didn’t go with a Snapdragon, the Kirin 659 is fairly decent. There were no stutters or issues with it, and as a whole it worked a lot better than you would expect from an unit like this. While it’s clearly not the best on the market as there are improved options, for its price the unit does a very good job.

Memory-wise, you can get one with 3 GB and one with 4 GB. There are no real differences, as both these units worked almost the same in most tests. The reason is that you won’t find too many devices which really need the 4GB+ that you may want. And it’s a nice experience to know that all app will run more than ok on your stuff.

Battery-wise, you can use the device for at least a day. 3000 mAh are not the ultimate option, but it’s quite ok here, and you will get your day’s worth of battery life from it in the end.

It’s important to note that Huawei P Smart does come with Android Oreo, while other devices like this don’t. Not a huge thing, but definitely worth mentioning if you want to have the latest OS installed here.

Overall, the Huawei P Smart is more than decent. The price is ok, and the features it delivers do bring in front all the features and benefits you want. The return on investment is great here, and since you have 32/64 GB of storage, you do receive lots of storage and you won’t run out of space thanks to it. This is a great phone and a good purchase, so you should try it out!