HTC U12+ teaser puzzlingly showing Apple iPhone 6 components

The new HTC U12+ is ready to be launched come 23rd May and it seems to have created quite a lot of buzz with its new teaser trailer. The teaser shows disintegrated components of the Apple iPhone 6 sparking speculations that HTC’s marketing team did not realize this and used the components inadvertently for the teaser trailer of the HTC U12+.

The Apple iPhone 6 which had hit the market around 6 years ago the fact that the teaser had been made using iPhone 6 components was initially noticed by a user at AnandTech who is in the business of smart phone repair service. The tech world seems to have been quite bewildered with this unprecedented marketing strategy. In twitter post HTC’s image post reveals around four camera sensors, a fingerprint scanner and MicroSD slot.

From the teaser it can be observed that the HTC U12+ will have a 6 inch display, dual cameras of 12MP+16MP rear cameras as well as 8MP+2MP front cameras, Snapdragon 845 chipset with 6GB RAM with internal storage varying to 64GB and 128 GB which would be expandable by MicroSD and will be loaded with a 3,420 mAh battery. In all likelihood the HTC U12+ will run on Android 8.0 Oreo, which will be inclusive of the newest version of HTC’s Edge Sense UI, will feature face unlock, Edge 2.0, Full Treble support and A/B (seamless) Updates and water proofing scoring up to IP68.

People might assume that it could have been a major marketing blunder and an embarrassing mistake but what HTC had to state has triggered widespread debate among smart phone enthusiasts. In a statement revealed to CNET it was said that the teaser was actually trying to highlight the cramming up of components that other smart phone manufacturers engage in.

HTC said that they are happy that people have in fact noticed the teaser with great interest as well as at the same time realizing that the components were not HTC made. That the new flagship model represents more than a sum of its specs and that teaser was in fact not a marketing slip-up, but only indicated the inelegant hardware of other smart phone makers.

However, we are going to have to wait till its launch date on the 23rd May, 2018 and understand as to whether the HTC U12+ has any nexus with the Apple iPhone 6 and remove all provisional reservations that we might have at the moment.