How web design can enhance your visibility on Search Engines

When you make business investments, it is easy to see what the return result will be. If you buy something in order to resell it, you will know exactly what your margins are. However, when it comes to SEO website design, business leaders often find it harder to see why it is important and necessary. The benefits seem untouchable and it seems like a lot of work that will be time-consuming and overwhelming. But, if you want your business to expand and grow, you cannot allow yourself to ignore SEO web design. You can always hire someone to do this job for you, and if you do then make sure that you are hiring a highly skillful team such as the agency

But, here are some ways in which you can improve your web design:

1. Improve your accessibility

In order to upgrade your accessibility, you will first need to be searchable on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The best way to achieve this is to create an account on Google My Business. This will provide your company with an opportunity to pop-up on search engines. It will show reviews, pictures, phone numbers, and the address of your business, as well as a website to find information about the company. This is the point when having a website is important.

How web design can enhance your visibility on Search Engines

2. Enhance the user’s experience

Why be boring to your customer with the same design that your competitor is using? This is one of the most common mistakes that a company can make. Enhance the experience of your customer by being different from your competition. You can boost the experience by testimonials, graphics, well-crafted workflows, and bought funnels.

3. Strengthen Credibility

Your credibility increases quite a lot when you have a site. Credible websites increase the trust your consumers might have. It will show that you are consistent over a longer period of time. You should also implement a clear purchasing process and a helpful FAQ. These are only a few things of many that you could do to prove your credibility.

4. You will keep the visitors that you attract

You might be a professional blogger or a small local business, or perhaps you are in e-commerce, it does not really matter. Website traffic is quite important if you want your business to be successful in today’s era of the Internet and technology. Your website design will help you rank in search engines. This means that you will be more visible when people are looking for something that you are offering. A web page will accomplish this by being fast and responsive. You might ask yourself why is that important? Well, it matters quite a lot to the customers. And when you focus your attention on what the consumers want, you attract more of them.

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How web design can enhance your visibility on Search Engines
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5. Speed does matter

A website designer knows that every extra second that it takes a page to load is another second when you might lose a customer. These visitors are often people who click on ads or links from another website to visit your site. In just two seconds, you might lose around 12% of people that have clicked something in order to visit your website. If it gets up to 4 seconds, you lose 25% of the potential buyer. Less than half of people want to wait more than 6 seconds for a page to load. Hence, by speeding up your website, you can double the number of people that visit your website. Keep the traffic that attracts people. Do not pay for the ads only to have people leaving your site because it is to slow.

6. It helps attract valuable traffic

Getting people to visit is one thing, but what about these potential customers? According to, your web design can help your business attract more people that will actually become buyers. This can be achieved by implementing style elements, widgets, pictures, and text that will appeal to your targeted audience.


All of this information must be hard to take in, however, once you get a hang of it, you will see how much SEO web design is actually important.