How to Personalise Your Pencil Case

A pencil case is a perfect way to organize your stationery and tools, whether you’re using it at work, in class or just in your day to day life, a case is guaranteed to up the efficiency of your admin. The humble pencil case if often reserved for the classroom, however, don’t leave the opportunity for the organization back in your school days! A case keeps your utensils clean, in good condition and will put them conveniently at hand, whenever you need them. Once you’ve made the wise decision to grab yourself a pencil case, the time comes to decide on the right size and style for you! Read on to discover how to find the perfect pencil case, and how to personalize it:


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For size, you need to consider your tool kit. If you’re only carrying around a pencil and a writing pen, there’s not much used in finding yourself a large, roomy pencil case. The same rule goes for a vast and varied stationery set, it’s no good when it’s all stuffed into a teeny tiny case. Unless you’re only using your pencil case for meetings or for your creative toolset, chances are you’ll want to find something that sits somewhere in the middle. Hunt for a style that’s roughly 18cm by 14cm, this will absolutely have enough room to house your pens and pencils, without being too big and clunky.

For the true minimalist, you can always pick up a simple pen pouch. This will snugly protect one or two pens whilst also fitting right into your pocket! This is perfect for the businessperson who’s always on the go, pair this with a pocket-sized notebook and you’ll be ready for anything.


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Once you’ve decided on the right size for you and your lifestyle, you can focus on the fun part – the design! The style of your pencil case should really reflect you, your tastes and your preferences. If you’re a neutral lover, you should opt for a sleek, solid toned case that’s crafted out of good quality leather. This style is timeless, elegant and the material will last you for an incredibly long time to come.

Maybe you’re a little more of a color lover? For those who love all things bright and beautiful, a pencil case is a perfect opportunity to get playful. Find amazing pops of neon colors or look for a decorative pattern that’ll inspire your creative spirit. If you’re planning on getting serious with your personalization process, it’s probably best to stick to a solid color that won’t get in the way of your embellishments.


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Now that you’ve found the perfect pencil case for you, it’s time to get personal! Your personalization can really take any form that you like, it’s all about you after all! If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas:

Stitching: If you’re a bit of a handy person and you’re good with a needle, your pencil case should absolutely be your next project! You can do some freehand designs with a colorful or clean white thread to add an ornate detail that’s sure to stand out from the crowd.

Graphics: Find yourself a permanent pen and get graphic with your case! You can be as creative as you like with your designs, keep it clean to avoid your pencil case looking too chaotic.

Gems: With a hot glue gun and a couple of tasteful gems or rhinestones, you can create a unique, vintage-looking pencil case in no time. Look for personable pins, a few small memories from over the years or decorative buttons to attach to your pencil case!

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