How to Earn Rs. 5000 Every Month without Investment ─ Here’s The Best Money-Earning App

Turn Your Phone into an ATM ─ Earn up to Rs. 5,000 Monthly With This Online Earning App

In this space-aged era where money matters the most, most people are concerned about earning extra income. Technically speaking, you cannot turn your phone into an ATM. But you can try raising your income and keep up with your financial requirements.

On this note, here goes the blog mentioning one of the most efficient money-making apps in India. If you want to make a profit of Rs. 5000 every month, look no further than IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFirst Partner.

Meet IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFirst Partner – The Go-To App for Extra Income

MyFIRST Partner program is one of the most excellent referral programs available for individuals who want to earn passive income in India. This referral program lets individuals earn a monthly income of Rs. 5000 through this earn money application. You don’t have to invest your capital to carry forward your process.

The IDFC FIRST Bank presents the MyFIRST Partner Program for beginners who want to earn passive income. So, freshers, older adults, and even young working individuals can get their side income from the referral programs.

A customer, under this referral program, earns a certain amount of money soon after the referred individual applies for a savings account or loan. You can earn up to Rs. 5000 every month, depending on your performance. The program assesses your performance. This program lets you earn your passive income without any investment.

Steps to Sign up for the MyFIRST Partner Program

Here’s a rundown of the steps involved in signing up for the program:

1st Step ─ Download the App

You first need to download this online earning app and sign up as the Referral Partner.

2nd Step ─ Registration

The next step is to register your name using your Aadhar card and PAN card details. These details are important for verifying the eligibility and identity of individuals.

3rd Step ─ Acquire A Digital ID

The next step is to get your digital ID. You will receive the ID soon after the registration is completed successfully. Each customer has a unique ID, which is crucial for monitoring the referrals and commissions.

4th Step ─ Refer and Earn

After you get your unique digital ID, you can start referring people to loan options and savings accounts. Note that the MyFIRST Partner app offers tools to monitor the referral status.

So, the MyFIRST Partner Referral Program, introduced by IDFC FIRST Bank, presents a unique chance to supplement income. If you want to generate passive income, you can sign up and get your unique ID. With simplified online documentation and seamless eligibility, it lets individuals use their social connections and increase their income.


You must understand the eligibility criteria if you want to use this app to make money online. Individuals over 18 years of age can start earning money from the comfort of their houses. As a referral partner, you can receive a 1.5% commission on every disbursed personal loan.

Take advantage of your social media connections and let others know the features and benefits of personal loans availed by IDFC FIRST Bank.