How to dissolve kidney stones in one day?

In the present scenario, people are more prone to get affected with kidney stones following the modern lifestyle. The foods humans consume are 70-80% adulterated and contains excessive salts and other chemically developed minerals. The role of kidneys is to maintain a perfect balance between the minerals and other components.

When there is an imbalance, the unpurified salts and minerals began to get deposited in the kidneys forming a crystalline substance also known as a kidney stone. A kidney stone can be as large as a ping-pong ball or as small as a grain of sand.

In both cases, it can cause serious medical implications like a chronic kidney disease (CKD) and other serious anomalies.

Why kidney stones are dangerous is because it can lodge inside the urethra, ureters or the bladder and can an impeccable pain in the abdomen and related areas of the affected.

They are not easy to pass and the pain the patient is suffering will depend on the size of the kidney stone. However, kidney stones can be dissolved in one day but is not an easy task. The patient might undergo certain medical procedure if the stones are larger or it can be easily dissolved by following the home remedies if they are smaller in size.

Dissolving kidney stones with medical procedures

If the patient is finding it difficult to pass the stone all by him/her, then the doctor will prescribe the patient with a certain medication specially meant for that.

Alpha Blocker is a type of medication specially developed to help the patient pass the kidney stones. It works in a way that it relaxes the tissues and muscles of the ureter and helps the stones to pass easily.

In case, if the patient is suffering from a uric acid kidney stone, then the doctor will prescribe him/she to take a course of potassium citrate. It can easily dissolve larger stones.

On the other hand, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (SWL) is the medical procedure prescribed the doctors for the patients affected with larger stones. The patient is given shock waves which help in breaking down the bigger stones, making it easier for the patient to pass the stones.

Well, it is a painful procedure and only those prefer this who doesn’t want to get under the knife. The patient is given a high dose of anesthesia to cope with the pain because it is an hour long process.

It can help the patient pass the kidney stones in one day but there are certain side effects like bruising and severe pain when the stones pass.

Ureteroscopy is another medical procedure followed by the doctors to dissolve the stones in a day. If a kidney stone is way too large for SWL therapy, then ureteroscopy is performed.

The doctor inserts a scope into the patient’s ureter to locate the stones. Once the kidney stones are located, it is broken down into small pieces using tools.

It is a painful procedure and the patient will be given general anesthesia for that.

Dissolving kidney stones at home

If the kidney stone is at its earliest stage of the development then it can be easily treated and cured without consulting a doctor. The stones the size of sand grains can be easily dissolved and passed down following the simple home remedies.

Drinking excess water can help in passing down small kidney stones with ease and without any medical intervention, doesn’t matter what the type of kidney stone is.

Lemon juice, on the other hand, is acidic in nature. Drinking lemonade can actually help the affected to dissolve small kidney stones within a day.

The doctors advice the people to drink and eat clean in order to prevent developing kidney stones. Things like natural kidney supplement or a probiotic kidney supplement can also help in keeping the kidney health intact.