Why Does The House Always Win At Online Casinos

Gambling, whether it is gambling in a casino or online, is known as the game of luck. However, everything that has to do with gambling is anything but luck. Nothing is left to chance here. Do you think that casinos, live or online ones, would survive so long, give big jackpots or there were so many of them that everything is a matter of luck? Think again.

The casino is far from a charity or similar donor. It’s a business, and it seems like a very serious one. Here is a well-established business model without which the casino could not survive. When we talk about online casinos the thing is even simpler. No matter how much you get, rest assured that the house will get even more. We are sure that you have already read the phrase “the house always wins” and that is true, only sometimes in a smaller and sometimes in a larger percentage. Percentage of return to the player (RTP) is a system that casinos use when paying out winnings to the player, but also the main advantage of the house.

We were interested in how the house is always in the lead, and who could explain it to us better than the online casino itself. UFABET explained to us how things stand and showed us some of the main benefits that online casino houses have. Stay with us and find out what it’s all about.

House edge

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House edge is the percentage of the house that has an advantage over its players. The higher the RTP, the higher the profit of the house. No, it is by no means something secret or hidden from the player. House edge is completely transparent, on the other hand, a good part of the players do not pay attention to these things, but hope for happiness. Online casinos always provide information about their possible loss concerning their original bet. This way, players can be aware of their possible loss in one part of the game.

House edge cannot be reduced to a simple proportion of the total stake of the players and their loss. It does not refer to the player’s initial bankroll, but more to the total amount invested. To simplify: the longer you bet, the greater the chance that your game will get closer to the house edge. Of course, unlike short-term games. So, the longer you play, the greater the chance of losing. For this reason, casinos try to keep you as long as possible. So you get bonuses, free trades, and similar incentives, just to stay a little longer.

Therefore, when you see the irresistible bonuses that are offered to you completely free of charge, know that behind it lies only your loss. This is how casino profits are always positive. As we have already said, with online casinos, this process is much simpler, bonuses and incentives of that kind are enough. Real casinos are much harder to keep players for long. Therefore, casinos usually do not have windows and clocks, to forget the time factor.


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If you’re a player, we’re sure you’ve heard and inquired about RTP, but what it is. Online casinos usually set up an RTP in advance that functions as a reverse house edge. It is determined and adjusted with the help of computer programs and algorithms. They define the result of each game. Players have no control over our RTP, and every game and every table has a different RTP.

It works together with volatility. Tables with low volatility have a smaller difference in this percentage and mostly pay small and more frequent payouts. So lower volatility makes high RTP. It is for this reason that jackpots are high but quite rare. Therefore, experienced players are always looking for a table with low volatility. Tao increases the possibility of getting money.

Return to Player (RTP) works quite easily. If the RTP of the table is 97%, it means that the player can win a maximum of $ 97 out of the $ 100 invested, so we said he can win, which does not mean that he will have this much return every time. Mostly while playing at the table, the player will experience different variations. RTP is already pre-calculated by the casino. Therefore, you should choose tables with a higher RTP because there is a greater chance of winning something. So, turn it around, as much as you get, the house got its share.

We can’t help but wonder: is there a possibility for a player to take advantage of the home?

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This information that we have shared with you is crucial if you want to play seriously. The knowledge that the odds are fixed, ie that the player cannot influence them, is not encouraging enough. Still, there is a chance the house will win anyway. Yes, you read that right. In addition to the strategy and tactics that you must have as a serious player, you need something else. In the first place, it is necessary to explore the game and get acquainted with the casino.

Read and explore everything you can about the game you want to play, and get acquainted with other people’s experiences. Each game has its own strategy that you need to figure out. When you sit at your computer and search for an online casino, look for different games when it comes to RTP. In online casinos, RTP varies from casino to casino but also from table to table. As we have already said, tables with higher RTP also increase your chances of winning. So, look for just such a table.

In addition to this, make sure the odds work in your favor by taking advantage of bonuses and jackpots. A bigger jackpot means more table volatility, which means a big reward. When it comes to bonuses, of any kind, they help you increase your bankroll. You should look for online casinos that offer as many welcome bonuses as possible. This advantage allows you to try out the tables and set the strategy.

What can stop you from losing a lot of money is to limit your losses. You need to set a minimum amount at which you stop playing. Determine your amount and stop in time. Maybe today is simply not that day, so set aside money for another, maybe a “luckier” one, and in the meantime read everything you can about the game you like. The more information you have, the better chance you have of coming up with a good strategy.