Easy Home Remedies to Instantly Get Rid of Cockroaches

Humans and cockroaches are co-existed since the age the world has been created. Cockroaches live in dark, warm and humid areas. They are subtropical and tropical bugs in origin. To get rid of the cockroaches at your home you will find different sprays or anti-insects oils that can help you better to the issue. Find out the method of how to get rid of cockroaches can be quite difficult because they can easily withstand harsh environments and can hide between the small cracks inside your walls and cabinets. Boric acid, toxic bait, aerosol, insecticides and contacting the pest exterminators are some good strategies to make your home free from the cockroaches.

Cockroaches can easily snack the food and damage the wallpaper, electronics, and books. They can spread the disease pathogens very fast by contaminating appliances, foods, and surfaces of your home.

Finding out the water leaks

Cockroaches come with the sources of water generally. So, cut down all your water leakage points. Depending generally on the size and the temperature, cockroaches can live without food for a month and but cannot live without water. After finding out the leakage points, fix them properly.

Clean your house

Keep your house clean and clear and clean to keep the cockroaches away from your room. The very first place to start your cleaning process is your kitchen. Clean the kitchen cabinets, gas stoves, and the kitchen floor regularly with a good floor cleaner. Clean up all the crumbs, waste foods. After enjoying your meals, wash the dishes promptly. Pay more attention to the range tops because cockroaches love the grease best.

Cover and hide the foods

Don’t keep your food containers open but keep them sealed. Don’t leave your foods out for a longer period of time, dirty dishes open for overnight. Even avoid keeping the fruits on your countertop. Keep all the foods in one place of your home that can eliminate the food spills and crumbs. It can limit the level of infection in one area too. Cockroaches come out at the night generally. Clean your kitchen every night and it will help you to leave no food for foraging the cockroaches to eat. Keep your garbage bin clean by throwing out the wastages every day.

Cockroach Baits

Cockroach bait is another proven way to kill the cockroaches. You can house it in a proper childproof case or can apply as a gel that contains slow poison. Just mix it with an attractive food of the cockroach. After eating the poison a cockroach brings back to its nest and eventually kills the other cockroaches at once.

Homemade bait

You can try your homemade bait by using the one portion of powdered boric acid, the same proportion of white flour and white powdered sugar. Just sprinkle the mixture in the back of the cabinets, drawers, under your stove and other parts of your home.


You can use soap and water mixture to keep away the cockroaches or can use the shop bought insecticides. There are many sprays that claim to keep out the cockroaches from home.
One can also contact the paste controllers to rid of the issue.