Top Attractions ─ 6 Must-See Places and Hidden Gems in Bangalore for Kolkata Flyers

Hello, Kolkata flyers! In the mood to catch a flight from Kolkata to Bangalore and explore the lively Silicon Valley of India?

Bengaluru offers everything for its inhabitants and tourists—modern vibes, historical charm, and hidden treasures. If you’ve booked your flight tickets and are looking for a list of top attractions in this bustling tech hub, this guide will help you uncover the must-see places and hidden gems. Keep reading to find out more!

Top 6 Must-See Places and Hidden Gems in Bangalore to Know

Since finding unique and offbeat places in Bangalore is immense, we have narrowed it down to help the ones boarding the Kolkata to Bangalore flight with the must-see places in Bengaluru.

1. Freedom Park ─ Equivalent to London’s Hyde Park


Freedom Park, one the most stunning places in Bangalore, is an equivalent of London’s Hyde Park. The area of Freedom Park covers an area of over 21 acres and sits on the same site where the Central Jail once stood.

Visitors can get a glimpse of the area’s history in the heart of the park, where the tower lies. The tower was used to monitor the activities of prisoners. The Jail Museum, The Water Fountain, the Sculpture Court, the People Courtyard, and the Book Museum are other sought-after attractions here.

All these make Freedom Park among the top places to visit when in Bangalore.

2. Jakkur Aerodrome ─ Adventures In The Sky


Located 16 kilometers away from the City Centre, the Jakkur Aerodrome is one of the best places near Bangalore for adventure lovers. It’s one of the unique places in the city that allows you to take a ride in an aircraft in order to watch the city sparkling bright from below you or go microlight flying over Bengaluru.

Jakkur Aerodrome also puts forward 1-day packages that include concepts such as the rules and regulations in the air, the theory of flying, flight communication, etc. Flying for the mass public is open from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday.

However, you must book the experience in advance since the experience is limited to just one individual at a time.

3. Ramanagara ─ Silk City

It’s where the most well-liked Bollywood movie, “Sholay”, was shot. It is also known as “Silk City’’ since Ramanagara is one of the largest silk markets in the country. Raw material for the most sought-after Mysore silk sarees comes from here. Besides silk, this place is also popular for its sericulture and Channapatna toys.

This attractive weekend getaway from Bangalore provides countless adventure sports and team-building activities such as hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing.

4. Antaragange ─ Kashi Of the South


Antaragange is a mountain in the Shatha Shrunga mountain range, south of Bangalore. In Kannada, Antaragange means ‘Ganges from deep’. This picturesque area is home to the stunning Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple.

The temple holds significance as it is blessed with water flowing from the hills, earning it the nickname “Kashi of the South.” Visitors can also explore the surrounding seven villages and enjoy activities like trekking and hiking in this serene location.

5. Gudibanda ─ A Majestic Fortress


Located 92 kilometers away from Bengaluru, the Gudibanda Fort is another hidden gem in the city that you can explore. Having a 400-year rich history, the fortress was built by Byre Gowdas in the 17th century.

Perched on the hill, the fort includes a lake and a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. It features beautiful gateways and provides panoramic vistas. The trek to the summit is around an hour and is relatively easy.

An interesting aspect of the fort is its interconnected pathways across seven levels, used by soldiers as escape routes. People also believe that Gudibanda is one of the 108 Jyotirlingas, so it’s a major religious attraction.

6. Pyramid Valley ─ For Some Peace

Looking to unwind? Then, you must not overlook Pyramid Valley before you board your Bangalore to Kolkata flight. This international meditation center is situated just outside Bangalore in Kebbedoddi, which houses the world’s biggest meditational pyramid.

The campus is spread across 28 acres and is an energy spot for meditation. The Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid is 102 feet tall and can house more than 5,000 people at once. The center conducts seminars and classes on spirituality and meditation.

They also have a library with a terrific collection of Spiritual books that assist in mental relaxation. Located in a lush green valley, it also has hills and streams that make it a perfect place to meditate and relax.

The Bottom Line

As your Bangalore adventure comes to a close, we hope you’ll board your flight with a heart full of cherished memories. So, Kolkata flyers bid farewell to Bangalore with a smile, knowing this captivating city awaits your return whenever wanderlust beckons again. Happy travels!