Google Launches a Podcast App Ready to be Accessed on Your Android Phones

Google has launched a new web application, which can be readily used by the new versions of Android phone holders. The application has been developed as a podcast which tells the user the shows available, the timings or the duration and also the number of episodes available. Then, the user can subscribe to any of the shows that they find interesting or likeable. All of the goodness and ease in the same application!

It is also very effortless to get started. Simply, one needs to press the virtual middle button on your screen for opening your Google assistant and ask for or search for, “Netflix enquiry Podcast”, using the voice recording sign. Also, one can do an easy Google search on the search engine, writing the same.

Pacific Content, the podcasting company has reportedly said that there is no need for downloading unnecessary applications for the following benefit. A simple Google search at any time would suffice. It also has this wonderful feature, which helps you by enquiring about the podcast, you also get a direct link to the shows you like and you can progress by unswervingly going onto a show or Television series. One of the best features of this podcast is that you can start watching episodes right away without the need for opening their official sites in a different tab. Also, on the top of the page, there is a designated place which shows all the subscriptions you have initially made, and also the ones you are about to make. You can jump into the other shows you have already subscribed to by just clicking on to them.

The best feature of this podcast is that you can speed up the shows or audio files you like listening to. Not all of us have abundant time to go through each and every episode if it is of a long duration. Thus, this podcast comes with a feature, which helps the person hurtle through the episodes.

Also, it keeps a check on the user’s pattern of watching, and recommends shows of the same genre and also marks the progress by ensuring the duration till which you have watched, and resumes from the very moment you stopped playing. Thus, you do not have to remember in minutes and seconds where you left your last episode.

It is a very high-quality application, given that one has a google assistant powered the phone. This experience might also be opened up as a standalone app, or it may be also available on iOS devices later, but has not been confirmed yet. Google play also invests a lot in their advertising market, due to app downloads hence the news about the podcast being available as a separate app is still being considered and in question.