New Gionee Smartphones With 18:9 Displays is Launching in India

The Chinese smartphone giant Gionee is gearing up for launching its new range of next-generation smartphones with 18:9 or Full View display in India on this April. According to the sources, Gionee is planning to launch its new line smartphones on this 26th April. The smartphone manufacturing company is much famous in the Indian market for its quality smartphones. As Gionee has received good response from the Indian consumers till now, it’s now bringing its new 18:9 display added smartphones in the Indian market.

Additionally, Gionee has already sent out many media invites for the launching event of the new 18:9 display added smartphone line in New Delhi. The smartphone manufacturing company is bringing this new smartphone line while focusing on the youth of India. As Indian youth is much interested in buying the latest smartphone with lots of new features, Gionee has come up with its new smartphone line with an endeavor to make the Indian youth buy these smartphones. Not only this; Gionee is cordially inviting the consumers to join them and explore more of the new world of Gionee Smartphones.

Experience the “Bigger, Wider and Better” smartphones from Gionee and enjoy great 18:9 Full View display. Each smartphone from the new Gionee smartphone line carries this feature. According to Gionee, the smartphones come with a very convincing price range, between Rs 9,000 to Rs 15,000. Now, it is expected that the company can launch more than two new smartphones with 18:9 displays.

These new Gionee smartphones will also showcase Face Unlock feature like Apple iPhone X. But, the quality of this face unlock feature can only be rated after the launch on April 26. Till then, we all need to wait. Surely, these smartphones will be able to match up the expectations of Indian Youth.

Due to extreme competitive nature of the smartphone market, Gionee is in a tough competition with other smartphone manufacturing giants like Xiaomi, Samsung, and Lenovo. In order to stay in the race, it has ramped up its total marketing budget to 750 crores till today. In last year, the Global Sales Director of Gionee India named David Chang told PTI that the smartphone manufacturing giant is aiming to come into the top 5 list of the best companies in the Indian smartphone market. Now, in 2018, Gionee is focusing more on expanding its smartphone portfolio by strengthening its retail presence in India.

Gionee is now undergoing a restructuring in the Indian smartphone market. In order to scale up its India smartphone business, Gionee is focusing on its marketing strategies as well. For getting further information, we need to wait till the launching date which is 26th April. It’s expected that the new Gionee smartphones will carry very thin bezels on each side and will be priced in between Rs 9,000 and Rs 15,000 with a “Full View Display”. For knowing other additional features, we need to wait!