Refurbishing your Garage with LED light Fixtures 

Recently the need for workspaces within a comfort zone like homes has gotten pretty popular. For most people garages serve as those spaces where they have access to basic tools as well as the comfort which heavily relies on the lighting infrastructure of the workspace.

Garages are multi-purpose spaces for parking, storage or carrying out personal projects, they serve as excellent workspaces due to extra space and hence it is important to have a lighting layout that facilitates the environment.

The sizing of the garage varies from house to house. There are smaller low ceiling garages and there are bigger high ceiling garages but they have a common function despite the area.

There are certain ways in which one can redesign the garage layout to carry out any kind of task in comfort relative to that area. Most garages have boring old fluorescent fixtures which only compensate for the general lighting for the most part.

There are so many drawbacks of using fluorescent lamps in general but largely they are quite inefficient for task spaces as they produce lower lumens and consume more energy. The light flickers and produces a low hum which causes disruption in the work environment.

What are the best LED light fixtures for garages?


Garages require uniform lighting which is also compatible with location-related issues like moisture, presence of gaseous elements, temperature fluctuation as well as dirt. For a workspace, a maximum of 8-10 hours daily function is the minimum expectation of any fixture with a lifespan of at least a few years.

LED light fixtures cover all aspects of workspace lighting and have the most durable features which allow them to be functional in the toughest conditions which are:



All workspace fixtures have aluminum housing which is highly resistant to moisture, dirt, and other environmental factors. It holds all the electrical and optical components of the fixture and also provides support to it.


The lens is the outermost part of the fixture which adjusts the light coming out of the fixture for effective illumination. LED light fixtures to use glass, polycarbonate, or acrylic lenses as they are tough and resistant to scratch or breakage due to heat or accident.

LED lamps


LED lamps are highly effective lamps available in the market. Most fixtures use integrated LEDs or allow retrofit options in case of remodeling under budget. These lamps have a very efficient function and they are built to survive extreme conditions.

There are different light fixtures for garages and they require a certain amount of consideration prior to installation to ensure effective lighting layout with respect to the garage’s needs. To get a better overview of how to plan a layout check this link.

LED shop lights

LED shop lights are simple but very effective shop lights for all task areas. They have an adjustable beam spread which provides effective illumination in the required space. A shop light fixture has mounting brackets and plugs n play features which allows them to be of use as general as well as task lights in garages. They have an adequate lumen output ranging from 1000 to 10000 lumens depending on the size of the light fixture.

LED shop lights can hang from the ceiling or flush against it, they are dimmable and also allow retrofit options. There are different designs of LED shop lights available for different garage types as they serve as both generals as well as task lights.

LED bar lights


LED bar lights are linear or rectangular garage light fixtures. They have a very safe and effective design for workspaces and provide uniform illumination. The length and width of the bar are varying and the fixture can be very thin or very wide. The lens covers the fixture which has an adjustable beam angle.

LED high bays

For bigger garages, UFO or round high bays are the best fit as they are the most powerful fixtures available. Round high bay lights have an aluminum structure with polished finishing and they can hang at different elevation levels. Moreover, the fixture also supports different reflector types which enhance the spread of light and allow task or accent lighting.

Under Cabinet lights

Under Cabinet lights are for task zones in garages and they are available in a range of designs and sizes. The different design options are:

LED pucks


LED pucks are round and small light fixtures. They are portable and mostly battery operated which are highly energy-efficient and last longer. These pucks are excellent task lights and have an adhesive back which allows easy installation.

LED strip lights

LED strip lights are of two types: adhesive or plug-in strips. The design, length and color varies which makes them very cost-effective and highly adjustable for ambient lighting in corners where general lighting is technical to install and function.

LED stick lights

LED stick lights are thin linear light fixtures that are very convenient for temporary but effective usage. These stick lights have adjustable CCT which allows ambient lighting and enhanced focus on tasks on hand.

Advantages of using LED light fixtures


LED lights have several advantages over traditional light fixtures which are:

  • Uniform lighting

LEDs produce a very uniform lighting pattern at all elevation levels as they have adjustable beam angles. The light for LEDs is not dispersed in the surrounding but has a fixed beam angle which projects light at the point of illumination. The light is ambient with no dark or light spots and is glare-free.

  • Low energy usage

LED light fixtures to produce more lumens at low energy usage therefore they are highly energy efficient. The power usage is low which makes them highly effective in places where extra lighting is essential. They help cut down electricity costs and save a lot of energy as well as costs over maintenance.

  • Longer lasting lights

LED lamps last longer than traditional lamps i.e around 11 years. They have a very effective life span and require little to no maintenance or replacement meanwhile.