5 Advantages of Hiring a Food Truck Over Traditional Caterers

You’ve probably seen lovely and colorful food trucks strewn with graffiti and silly signs at fairs, downtown, and on the beach, but have you ever seen them at a private or business celebration? Just remember how many times you passed by them and followed the sizzling of hot oil and donuts fried in it, completely enchanted? How many times have you stopped to buy a hotdog for your girlfriend or take that irresistible soft serve ice cream that would later leak down your fingers as you laugh and enjoy every minute of it? Admit it – we’ve just brought you back to your childhood. No mistake: these vehicles are definitely the perfect choice to eat something fine thanks to their supply of kitchen elements, fire, and lots of yummy ingredients. Are you then surprised to hear that this method has become generally accepted and increasingly desirable at events – actually, so desirable that it has overshadowed the standard catering service and kissed them goodbye in certain local areas?

You may now be amazed and claim that there’s no way you can connect these two elements. However, although they’re mostly related to private businesses and free sales, food trucks have developed some new, much more compelling purposes, and are now a common choice of those who need to host a larger number of guests at once.

We have your attention now, but you still hesitate? No worries – we bet that, until the end of this text, you’ll already be dialing the phone number of the best food truck service in the town. So, what are the benefits of using these instead of regular caterers? You better take some notes!

Giving a special charm to your celebrations

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True – all these parties have a classic service. The catering comes, the guests eat, and it’ll rarely happen that they remember that meal as something extraordinary. Maybe because those who serve that food are a frequent sight at all these standard celebrations – a bunch of busy people handing out trays and plates full of food and shouting. But if specialties are served from the van by a cheerful chef who doesn’t skimp on that extra delicious sauce while wishing you a pleasant evening and humming along to the Beatles song on the radio… That’s something else.

Your guests will feel just like you felt when you read the introduction – they’ll be overwhelmed by sweet nostalgia for the old, good days and will want to have a party as soon as possible just so that they can ‘steal’ this idea from you. By daring to deviate from the classic and somewhat monotonous options, you’ve ensured the attention of your visitors and their good mood.

All this can be spiced up further with a special kind of music that’ll be heard from the truck, decorations covering the vehicle, and, of course, mouth-watering delicacies that’ll come out of there. This is also a pretty lovely option for an informal party!

Creating a special customized menu

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Although there are exceptions, most of today’s catering services are not always able to adapt their existing menu to your wishes and ideas. If your ideas deviate significantly from what they offer, you have no choice but to either prepare the food yourself or turn to a slightly different solution.

The great thing about these trucks is that they will turn literally any concept you have in your head into reality. You can combine several national cuisines into one interesting mix, create your own recipes that you want to have served, or create a themed meal that will knock your visitors off their feet. It all depends on your imagination because with vehicles like these, it is no problem to put it all into practice.

Business organizations like Nyfta, in addition to customization, also provide their clients with a sweet range of rentable themed food trucks, which simply rock – regardless of whether it’s a hot dog, savory kebab or perfectly crunchy popcorn stand.

Much more affordable

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The costs incurred by vehicles that provide such services don’t imply consuming too many resources and trust us when we tell you that you’ll shell out less cash for them than for hiring caterers. Catering companies usually have numerous expenses in terms of hiring staff, purchasing dishes, and equipment, which is largely reflected in the price they’ll offer you.

Also, if you have in mind a big celebration, these costs increase along with the number of people who need to be involved in the preparations. And why would you waste so many funds unnecessarily when you’re able to get a much more customized and absorbing option instead?

Making the food right away

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Okay, we’re not saying that the food brought by the caterers is stale – that would be an exaggeration. However, it’s also true that, depending on the company, there are cases when it’s not really the freshest thing you’ve ever seen. This is especially notable in those cases when you want to provide warm bites to your guests. Even if they bring it in a few hours earlier, it’ll definitely be cold until everyone gathers. This is where trucks enter the scene with their always fresh, tasty meals and specialties coming straight from the pan or oven.

As long as your guests are there, the chefs keep preparing the food whenever someone comes to them. This is great as the visitors won’t feel obliged to eat right away, but when they feel like eating, which isn’t always the case with catering. Whenever they feel like having a bite, they’ll be welcome on the stand and fed well.

Takes less space

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The last, but not the least significant bullet point here concerns the space that your celebration requires. This largely depends on the number of invited guests, but it’s very likely that in the event of a slightly larger crowd at least a few larger tables will be needed. When you’re limited by the space factor and you don’t have the possibility of occupying the entire venue with just plates, glasses, and a bunch of cocktail pastries, this aspect will become quite noteworthy to you.

Food trucks come to the rescue here as well. The thing is simple – they only take up as much space as they need to park the vehicle. All the equipment and food that is supposed to be prepared in them are inside the vehicle and won’t take up extra space outside, so you can dance around carefree without being afraid of knocking the whole table with all its contents on the floor!